Why you must move from Facebook to Google+

Why you must move from Facebook to Google+

Why you must move from Facebook to Google+

Michael Q. ToddBy Michael Q. Todd. Right now is an extremely interesting time as there is a massive swing from Facebook to Google+ happening.

This post will examine some trends and aspects of the migration that will fascinate you.

I am not going to show you a whole lot of user number graphs. These are my personal experiences and I have documented them in various ways for you.

Some of the content in this blog post is live and you can interact with it.


Google is now allowing you to create a Google+ post and promoted it as an adsense advertisement. People on any website using adsense can +1 it and interact on it. They will be shown in Gmail. Think of the possibilities.

Organization tools

Google+ is light years ahead of Facebook for tools and analytics.

  • Learn all about your account and anybody elses` with Circle Count.
  • Circle people, message circles and create events that are actually seen by the people you invite to them.
  • Ripples will show you who your key engagers and sharers are.
  • Communities where you can divide posts into categories.make your circles with Circloscope.
  • Analyse your account with Steady Demand (use the code michaelqtodd when you join to get a discount).

Here is an example of a Ripple from a circle share a friend did yesterday. See how at the bottom you can actually “play” the ripple of shares.

Why you must move from Facebook to Google+

Reaction to posts

I have 5,000 highly engaged Facebook friends and a fairly popular profile. My analytics tell me that I get around 1500 Facebook comments and 3000 “like” clicks a week.

I have run 2 tests with almost identical pieces of content at the same time on Google+ and facebook in the past week. In both cases the Google+ post got over 10 times the +1`s (as compared to likes), comments and shares. Yes over 10 times.

If we are not prepared to pay to promote our content Facebook is hiding it. This is particularly the case if you post a link or even if anyone posts a link in the comment thread. If you try to show a You Tube video you can completely forget about it getting seen.


Why you must move from Facebook to Google+
The default search option for Google is social. I just reached the number 2 and 3 spot on the front page for a search for the word Wenyard (new online stockmarket game) with Google+ posts. The third place one is a share by Bernard Piette of my Christmas You Tube video. The second place one I simply added the URL to my blog post about Wenyard to a Google+ post.

If you add a URL into your post, any +1s you get will be credited to that link.

I am averaging around 7–8,000 +1s for my site each week. Enough said. because Google will now show your posts about certain keywords to people who circle you you need to have as many people circling you as possible. You also need to have people with many circling them sharing your posts.

Why you must move from Facebook to Google+


How well have you got to know Facebook friends. Google takes it to a new level with hangouts. Talking face to face with friends and sometimes new people is fun. The range of tools available in hangouts is incredible. You can filter the audience to anything you want. One person or a whole circle or community. Then there are Hangouts on Air where you broadcast live to an unlimited audience. Did you see what we did with the Christmas Giveaway Hangout last week? We only had the idea for this 3 and a half days before. We reached thousands. After wards you can automatically archive the Hangout on Air in your YouTube account.

India and China

I am getting a huge number of Indians and Chinese circling me and engaging on my posts. Think of the future. Will your brand want a presence in China? Facebook is banned in China. India has easily the second highest number of Google+ users behind the USA.

Circle sharing

Please understand and embrace the power of this. The weekly Megaball circle share that I started a month ago has now been shared around 3,500 times. It is not so hard to make these and get them shared. Some of the people included in the MegaBall have reported increases in their Google+ follower counts upwards of 4,000 people in those 5 weeks.

These are the 4 most popular circle shares of all time. Assessed by unique public shares.

Why you must move from Facebook to Google+

This is a live embedded post. Please +1 and share! Please set it to Public so Circle Count will recognise it.

Blog comments

This week, I added the Evolve plugin to this blog and discovered maybe 10,000 conversation threads about my posts on Google+ that I did not even know existed. Every time somebody shares a post to Google+, the conversation happens right on my site. Facebook wanted the conversation happening in their place, but Google does not mind. I am now using Google+ as my default comment option and it is working great.

Facebook is still a great place to be I am not advocating leaving it altogether. What will be the main place to get bang for your time online buck in say two years time though? Surely Google+ is a no-brainer to switch your primary allegiance to right now. It seems to me that every day it is growing stronger and stronger.

Have your say either in the comments below (both Facebook and Google+ are available) or on this interactive list.

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