4 Reasons Why Would I Not Advise You To Start A Blog

Why Would I Not Advise You To Start A Blog

4 Reasons Why Would I Not Advise You To Start A Blog

Why many consider blogging

Online blogging is a good thing for those of you who are good at playing with words and explaining the purpose of a product or service to those who come and visit your website.

Then, of course, there are those of you who would prefer to give your points of view regarding something, someone or a particular event- even you guys can get paid well.

There are so many online stylists, fashion designers, gossip bloggers and other types of bloggers who actually get paid for blogging – but here’s the thing about blogging: you cannot earn as a blogger until your heart is in it.

But I wouldn’t recoomend you to start a blog!

Here’s why …

Blogging won’t replace your salaried job easily

See, when it comes to a salaried job, you may get annoyed of your job at some points while other days you may love your job but one thing is for sure- you will be getting paid at the end of the month.

When it comes to online blogging what you sow is truly what you reap because without effort you will not get any traffic and without traffic you will not get any income.

So you have no job security. If you are driven to be a blogger you will know what to blog about, how to blog and you will be able to attract followers and viewers as well.

Readers- the key to earning as a blogger

5 Vital Components Of A Highly-converting PPC AdAnother reason I wouldn’t suggest you start a blog without being sure that this is what you’d want to do to earn money is because many people tend to cut off from everyone else- friends and family and their social lives go down the drain because blogging truly is a full-time job.

After all, the amount of money that you earn is dependent upon the number of readers/customers and amount of traffic you attract and without either, you won’t be able to earn money from blogging.

You have to spend quite a lot of time into attracting readers. There is a growing number of failed bloggers who quit blogging after trying for 1 year or more.

Its very difficult to establish yourself as a top blogges like them.

A common problem for bloggers

Thirdly, as a full-time blogger, you have to be able to come up with new blog topics constantly.

Think of blogging in terms of writing- you may face a “writer’s/blogger’s bloc” which means you may not be able to come up with something that would attract followers and readers for days at a time.

This would have an impact upon your earnings too. Even people who are truly passionate about blogging may face this problem from time to time and snapping out of it may take you days.

Some people are unable to come up with much material anymore and so, they decide to go for 9-5 jobs instead because they lose hope midway and stop blogging.

Blogging is a full time job!

5 Vital Components Of A Highly-converting PPC AdTo blog, you need a laptop with you at all times. So if you are the kind of person who doesn’t like to travel with his/her work you’re in for trouble as a blogger.


This is because as a blogger you need to be on your toes at all times and that means your work travels with you.

Be prepared to spend time on checking out your readers’ stats so that you can come up with different ways to attract even more readers and to think about how to blog according to what keeps people interested at all times.

You’d have to think about your blog, literally, at all times of the day and if that sounds like something that may lead to mental exhaustion, you’d rather not go for it at all.

Much like any other job, if blogging is not something you’re too enthusiastic about, I would not advise you to go for it because this is one online job that could burn you out if you’re not interested in it but for those of you who are interested in it, this could also be one of the most rewarding online jobs as well.

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