Why PPC Is The Secret To Getting New SEO Contracts

Why PPC Is The Secret To Getting New SEO Contracts

Why PPC Is The Secret To Getting New SEO Contracts

Small business owners are being courted, almost on a daily basis about the latest SEO offerings from companies from across the world.

From the spammy email sent on a bulk basis to face-to-face consultations that take place at networking meetings, entrepreneurs can’t go anywhere without hearing about SEO.

The problem is, no matter how SEO consultants sell their services, everyone struggles to answer the question; “When will I see results?

It’s a question that makes me, as an SEO consultant, shudder. There really is no good way of answering.

Do you quote the shortest time possible in order to secure the contract or do you offer a more realistic timeline with the hope that your potential client will appreciate that good, honest, white-hat SEO takes time?

Of course, you could use this question as an opportunity to educate them, but then you risk coming across as patronising. This question is why I use PPC to secure new SEO clients.

Instant Results

Why PPC Is The Secret To Getting New SEO Contracts - Instant ResultsWhen I take on a new SEO client, I always turn to PPC, in particular Google Adwords before I do any major SEO work. The reason for this is because it offers instant results.

What does being at the top of Google for certain keywords mean for your clients site? Well with an effectively managed (but small) Adwords campaign setup, you can show what they could expect in terms of ROI in a really short period of time.

Of course, they may receive next to no conversions, but rather than seeing this as a failure, take the data to your client and explain that the site needs a redesign, or work on conversion optimisation. After all, if they have spent a month at the top of Google for their main keywords but seen no conversions, there would be no point implementing a wider SEO strategy on their site.

Usable Data

The second reason I use Adwords before starting any off-site SEO work in particular, is because of the data that I can extract from Adwords once the initial campaign has run its course.

All that keyword data should be seen as gold dust for future SEO campaigns. You’ll have a month’s worth of data detailing what keywords convert best and, whilst it’s not always true, the cheaper the cost per click on Adwords, it’s often easier to attain a higher ranking on Google due to less competition.

Guaranteed Contracts

Why PPC Is The Secret To Getting New SEO Contracts - GuaranteeIf you implement an Adwords campaign properly, and the site you’re working on isn’t terrible, you should be able to demonstrate a positive return on investment to your client.

With this data you then just need to explain how an investment in SEO along with PPC will produce both instant results from the Adwords campaign and a lasting impact in the search engines. Of course, this is the time to explain that you would be targeting more keywords than the few you’ve set up in Adwords, which will in turn increase results further.

PPC began as my answer to many awkward questions that I received as an SEO consultant, but it has since become a massive part of the way I work. The data it provides isn’t based on predictions or best guesses but cold, hard facts. Facts that new clients can’t argue with.

Article by Lewis Love

Lewis Love is an SEO consultant from Derby. He uses PPC campaigns to secure long-term SEO consulting contracts with small to medium sized businesses.

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