Apps Killing Web Sites? What Web Designers Can Learn From App Developers

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Apps Killing Web Sites? What Web Designers Can Learn From App Developers

As a rule, most of us tend to think of apps and websites as very different products that are complementary rather than offering competition for one another.

Apps exist on mobile phones and tablets mostly, while websites are more likely to be enjoyed on the PC. And while we might use an app for finding our car, or making funny noises, websites tend to be the places we go to when we want to find real information.

The only problem? Neither of those statements are strictly true. These days more and more people are using tablets and mobile phones over computers, and even Windows 8 desktops can run apps from an 'app store'. Add to this the fact that many people use apps to read the news and their favourite blogs, and you can see that apps are very much encroaching on websites and blogs.

Could the app kill the website star?

I would argue no, and that there is still a place for traditional surfing if only because it makes it so easy for us to move from one tory to the next (which you can't do with an app that provides a blog feed).

However that said, it's still important to learn from app developers if you want to avoid encouraging your readers to get their news and entertainment from a handy app rather than your website. Read on to find out how to adapt and survive. Here's what you can learn from smart apps…

Touch Friendly

Why might someone choose to use the LinkedIn App over the website, even though the website is vastly superior in terms of features and function?

Simple: on a small mobile screen, the app is very satisfying and easy to use with nice large buttons and no ads to click accidentally. There is no URL and to type, and thee text is nice and big, so generally it's great for quickly flicking through the latest news without constantly hitting the wrong thing. Your website can benefit from being like that too…


Another thing about apps is that they're fast and don't use up too much data.

When you're on the move this is incredibly useful as you don’t want to have to stand there waiting for a huge background image to load up. If you have a mobile version of your site then make sure that it uses small images that load in a sensible order.


Something worth bearing in mind, is that most apps don't have ads all over them.

They exist to promote the companies that release them and make money in other ways (either you need to buy them, or they offer in app purchases). This makes people more likely to choose an ad-free app over your website, which in turn means a lower CPC for you.

The answer? To make your ads much more subtle wherever possible and possibly even to consider monetising in other ways. Perhaps it's time you sold a product from your site instead of begging for clicks on irritating adverts?


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