What Web 2.0 Can Do For Your Business…

What Web 2.0 Can Do For Your Business…

By Ralf Skirr.

Web 2.0For several years now Web 2.0 is THE big internet hype.

We’ve seen shooting stars like youtube and myspace rake in billions.

Newcomers like Facebook, Twitter and the like are the big hope for marketers and business owners to profit from networking.

All the internet traffic is attracted to the web 2.0 properties like being sucked in a black hole.

If you’re ignoring the trend, you’re bound to lose your business.

How can you secure your share of traffic?

There are 4 main questions about leveraging web 2.0 for your business:

  1. Can established web 2.0 sites like Facebook be tricked into sending loads of traffic to your site?
  2. Can you make personal contacts to leaders and important people in your industry?
  3. Is it possible to gain #1 search engine rankings for your own home pages using the web 2.0 sites?
  4. And finally: What about creating your very own web 2.0 site tailored to your business niche? Is it worth the investment in time and money?

The web 2.0 category of Internet-Business-Mastermind is here to answer these questions and inform you about the most profitable web 2.0 strategies.

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