What Products Still Sell During This Recession?

What Products Still Sell During This Recession?

From Willie Crawford.

Willie Crawford

In a recent Twitter discussion on products I sell, I was asked, “but what if none of your products sell?”

The real question that I was being asked there was, “What products still sell now?”

Regardless of economic conditions, some products will always sell. In fact, many millionaires are made during ever major recession or depression. It’s just a matter of figuring out what your market wants and offering it to them.

I have notice a downturn in sales of many of the products that I market, but have also noticed an increase in sales of some of my products.

In the “Internet marketing niche” where I often operate, I’ve notice that many customers have tighten their belts, and that lower priced items are the only one moving really briskly for me. So, I’ve offered a lot more inexpensive items, using my standard marketing methods such as article marketing, video marketing, marketing via social media, blogging, and using ezine editorials. Those items are selling well.

I do still manage to sell a good number of big ticket items, but here is the key… The items that sell best are the items that address a real PAIN that my market is already aware of.

If they are not already aware of the pain, and already looking for the solution, it’s a harder job selling many products (solutions) under any economic conditions.

Having to educate your customer as to the fact that 1) they have a problem, 2) you have the solution, 3) what your product does and why it’s the ideal solution, is an uphill battle.

When you think of real pain, think of the teenagers battling acne, as they are in their prime dating years. They will do almost ANYTHING to keep those pimples at bay.

Transfer that concept to my niche of Internet marketing, and what are some of the obviously painful problems. Several that immediately come to mind are:

– Lack of sufficient website traffic

– Lack of enough motivated joint venture partners to do a large product launch

– Lack of enough time to do everything required to operate an Internet business

– Locating product that actually sell

– Writing effective web copy

– Motivating and training affiliates

– Choosing a profitable niche – one where customers are still making lots of purchases

If you frequent my blog, you’ll notice that I address many of these issues in my blog posts, and in the products that I review/offer. That’s because I instinctively notice these problems and seek out solutions. That is why I am still making lots of sales despite this recession.

To give you a few more specific examples:

1) I address the topic of choosing a niche that’s still profitable by pointing out that the market of teaching ecommerce to, and consulting with offline businesses, is HUGE. Offline businesses have marketing budgets, and if you show them that you can deliver measurable results, they will spend their dollars with you.

I market products that teach Internet marketers how to conduct 1-day seminars in their cities, and earn $10,000 or more in a day by teaching ecommerce to local offline businesses. You can see the package that I offer, one that sells well at: http://TeachingEcommerceToLocalBusinesses.com

2) Many Internet marketers now realize that a membership site is the perfect model for setting up some residual income. Yet, many of them are intimidated by the software and processes needed to run these sites. So, I market an easy-to-install, and very inexpensive script for running membership sites. I also give away a report on how to run a profitable membership site.

This script sells like hotcakes!

I even generously include master resale rights with the script package, all for less than $20. This is an absolutely irresistible deal, and so my Paypal account is constantly “singing” :-)

You can check out that set-up at: http://WillieCrawford.com/SMS/

3) To address the problem of motivating and training affiliates, I do two things. First, I offer a free course that trains struggling affiliate marketers. This course is the entry into my funnel where, as I train affiliate marketers, I also recruit some of them as affiliates for my products.

That is a win-win proposition. I actually share tactics and techniques that have worked amazingly well for me in selling affiliate product in my free course. The affiliate that I teach this to begin to experience more success, and delivering tremendous value first turns many of them into my loyal affiliates.

You can see how I offer my free affiliate training at: http://WillieCrawford.com/FreeAffiliateTraining/

While many people struggle to grow their lists, and to recruit new affiliates, I average 200 new signups a DAY.

By the way, if you’d like to set up a similar system, you can begin with the “affiliate training program in a box” at: http://WillieCrawford.com/TrainYourAffiliates/

Notice that I just addressed another problem. Many new product owners, who have never run an affiliate program before, don’t have the time or energy to put together an affiliate training program. Yet, if they don’t train their affiliates, they will make very few sales. Most new affiliates simply don’t know HOW to make sales.

I addressed that painful and obvious problem by offering an affiliate training program in a box. All they need to do is upload it to their autoresponders, and upload a few videos (supplemental training) to their servers, and they are all set.

Getting back to the question of what still sells. You absolutely must sell something the market wants and is already looking for.

You must sell something that solves an obvious and very painful problem. Do that, and you WILL continue to make brisk sales regardless of economic conditions.


Willie Crawford is an internationally-acclaimed speaker, author, seminar and radio show host, and leading Internet marketing expert. When not out fishing in the Gulf of Mexico, Willie can be found sharing his 12 years of online marketing experience with members of The Internet Marketing Inner Circle. Join them at: http://ibmm.com/williecrawfordinnercircle

To help you succeed Willie has created The Internet Marketing Inner Circle, a membership site where he frequently brainstorms solutions to problems such as those discussed in this article. Join that discussion for your success at TheInternetMarketingInnercircle.

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