What Motivates People To Buy?

What Motivates People To Buy?

JohnDelaveraby John Delavera

You’ve been working on the marketing for a product that is truly sound. In fact, you even believe in yourself. It works just like it is supposed to and it truly blows the competition away.

Try as you might, however, you just cannot seem to get other people to buy into the concept. They pass by the product you know is the best (despite your most inspired marketing efforts) and purchase an item you view as substandard.

Just what is it that is motivating people to purchase from the competition?

There are a number of things that can motivate people to gravitate toward one product over another. These same things can convince people to purchase an item even if it is not truly the best or it doesn’t even offer the best value for the money.

When people make purchases they are generally influenced by these things:

* True needs – People buy products and services to fulfill real needs for food, shelter, clothing and so on.

* Perceived needs – Some products appeal to people by targeting their perceived needs. They make them believe they cannot get by without X product in their homes or offices.

* Pure wants and desires – Consumers are also highly motivated by products that appeal to their personal desires. When product A offers value and quality but product B speaks to a deep desire, chances are it is product B that will sell.

Learn the secrets to appealing to people on the level that truly motivates them to buy and your marketing efforts will pay off.

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