What Getting Dental Implants Taught Me About Internet Marketing

What Getting Dental Implants Taught Me About Internet Marketing

From Willie Crawford.

Willie Crawford Back when I first started using computers in my Air Force job, in 1982, they had a strict rule against eating or drinking around the machines. I recently discovered why eating at your computer is so dangerous.

I was eating a piece of lightly browned wheat toast, with some cream cheese on it, when I felt a distinct lump. Upon closer examination, I discovered that one of my teeth had sheered off. The tooth had broken at an angle with the missing part going fairly deep into the socket.

I quickly deduced that “this could get painful” so I scheduled an appointment with my trusty dentist.

He looked at the tooth, informed me that we needed to surgically extract what was left, and then maybe stick in an implant.

It all made sense to me as he showed me the dental x-rays. He showed me the thickness of the bone where he would stick the implant, and why he needed to build up the bone before putting in the implant. He also show me how the bone had thinned where I had previously had teeth extracted.

He explained that most people who have teeth removed don’t replace them, and sensing that all that bone isn’t really needed, the body decreases the amount of bone in that spot.

As we talked some more, I discovered that the dentist was retire Air Force – just like me. We had even both served in Hawaii. For some reason, that bit of info bolstered my confidence in him, and I was actually ready to do whatever he suggested.

As we talked about our post-Air Force careers, I told him what I did on the internet. He and his assistants seem intrigued. They realize that they were still trading time for money… though the money wasn’t too shabby.

As we chatted I confided that I didn’t realize that unused jawbone atrophies. We both commented that sometimes we just don’t know what we don’t know… and that we are perfectly happy not knowing what we are missing out on… until we know.

I related to him that when I first started my internet business I was still flying C-130’s as a navigator out in the Pacific. One of the things that I didn’t know back then was the power of networking, doing joint ventures with others, and attending live events where you actually get a feel for who you really want to form business relationships with.

I didn’t know anyone who had attended a live internet marketing seminar. I didn’t meet anyone who attended seminars regularly until 2002. Prior to that time, I communicated with other internet business people almost exclusively by email. Practically ALL of the people that I chatted with regularly were aircrew members… planning how they would land an airline job some day.

My knowledge of what you should do for a problem tooth was similar. Back when I was a child, and on into young adulthood, the answer to a toothache was to “pull it out.”

I simply didn’t know what I didn’t know about alternatives that made a lot more sense in so many ways.

When my dentist enlightened me, I opted for an implant.

Then he explained that he wanted to add some bone, give that time to grow, and then stick the implant in.

I paused for a second before timidly asking, “Where is this bone coming from?”

I sort of expected him to say that they take it from some other part of your body, much like they do with skin grafts. Instead he said, “We keep a supply on hand.” He went on to explain that it was real human bone that had been treated in some way that make the procedure “work like a charm.”

I didn’t ask any more about where this bone came from – satisfied in knowing that I had learned something useful that would serve me well in the future.

My first seminar was a similar experience. When I got there, many of the attendees and speakers gave me feedback on my business model, and many of them also suggested doing joint ventures.

Of the attendees and speakers at the very first seminar that I attended, I ended up jointly creating products with Marty Foley, Dr. Bob Silber and Frank Garon. I also worked on projects with or was mentored by Fred Gleeck, Armand Morin, Ramon Williamson, and Jonathan Mizel.

I very quickly learned at that first event that I really had missed 90% of growing a really successful internet business. I had completely missed even noticing the ONE thing that would offer the greatest leverage – networking with, jointly creating products with, and joint venturing with other internet marketers.

As soon as I recognized what I had been missing, and started really getting to know other marketers who were happy to partner with me in jointly growing our businesses, my business literally skyrocketed.

The other thing that happened at my first seminar was that being surround by so many really successful online marketers TOTALLY energized me. A late night brainstorming session with John Reese and Ramon Williamson showed me that my goals were WAY to small.

I left that first seminar truly understanding the power of being in a room filled with super-achievers. I was so convinced that ALL of my contemporaries needed to discover “what they didn’t know” that on my drive home, I committed to hosting a live seminar.

Four months after attending my first live seminar, I hosted a seminar in Pensacola, Florida. My speakers include: Armand Morin, Dr. Bob Silber, Gary Knuckles, Tony Blake, Ramon Williamson, Fred Gleeck, and Stephen Pierce… speaking for his very first time. John Reese, and a number of other notables, were paid attendees.

That seminar changed lives, and created many partnerships, and many life-long friendships.

You are invited to join my friends and I in my InternetMarketingInncercircle.

To help you succeed Willie has created The Internet Marketing Inner Circle, a membership site where he frequently brainstorms solutions to problems such as those discussed in this article. Join that discussion for your success at TheInternetMarketingInnercircle.

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