Web 2.0 Marketing Tip #4: Facebook Fan Page for Success

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Web 2.0 Marketing Tip #4: Facebook Fan Page for Success

By Ralf Skirr.

Facebook is one of the most promising Web 2.0 sites when it comes to marketing your products and your internet business. This is unavoidable as Facebook is home to hundreds millions of members and allows you to create discussion threads and even application.

We are not going to focus on those, though. Rather, we will discuss one of the best ways to use Facebook: Creating a fan page on the site and using it to draw in potential buyers.

Creating a Profitable Facebook Fan Page

You can start your Facebook marketing plan by investing some time to create a high-quality fan page.

This page should include…

  • Links to your site and/or blog
  • A well-written description of what you do or what your business is about
  • A brief description of the purpose of your fan page

A sample for the purpose could be: To provide all of your loyal customers with free information about upcoming product launches, product give-aways, and coupons.

How to win “fans” for your facebook fan page?

The way to get more traffic and sales for your web site is to get as much fans as possible. If you don’t have enough fans to get the ball rolling, it might make sense to start by giving people an incentive to become a fan.

You can do something like these:

  • Offer everyone who joins your fan page a 20% discount coupon for one of your products.
  • You can say something like “If this fan page has over 5,000 members by July 10th, every fan will get product X for free.”
  • You can start a contest where you will give a nice prize like a free product, a ticket to a seminar or something similar. The only thing they need to do is to join your page and post an update on their walls about your page.

There are a lot more ways to get more fans for your page, but the above are already enough to get you started. Of course, before you actually plan ways to get more fans, you should first create your fan page.

No reason to put it off; it takes only a few minutes.

Login to your facebook account now.

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