Web 2.0 Marketing Tip #74: Proving It All with Your Facebook Fan Page

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Web 2.0 Marketing Tip #74: Proving It All with Your Facebook Fan Page

By Ralf Skirr.

Some people are very hesitant when it comes to availing products and services online, even when it has now become a safe and easy method for everyone. However, you can’t blame them as there are still a lot of thieves and deceitful people lurking online. That is why you need to calm them; you can do it easily with your Facebook fan page.

Another way in which you can use your Facebook fan page is to promote fan photos and testimonials. As I mentioned earlier, you should make a concerted effort to extract testimonials, photos, and relevant artwork from your customers and visitors; this is one of the reasons why you should.

Once you get them, you have to add then to your Facebook fan page (if they’ll allow it). This will provide you with some evidence that you are running a legitimate business and selling good products. With such testimonials and photos, you can rest assured that people will be more willing to accept your friend invites, join your fan page, and give you traffic and sales.

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