Web 2.0 Marketing Tip #50: Go and Multiply!

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Web 2.0 Marketing Tip #50: Go and Multiply!

By Ralf Skirr.

Forums are a great medium for connecting with people who share similar interests and thoughts as you; they are great places to establish connections and get customers. That is exactly why it can be very beneficial to start your own forums, even though it entails quite a lot of work. However, just because you have already succeeded in creating a forum does not mean your work is already done. Rather, it is just the beginning.

Top Ways to Get Forum Members

Numerous forums are being created every day, and a lot of them begin and end as ghost forums–forums nobody have heard of and forums nobody caresabout. Why? This is because the their owners never take the time to populate them, to ensure that there are hundreds of member who continuously post and participate in discussion.

If you want your forum to be successful, you will have to take the time to populate it with individuals who will engage in lively discussions and who will help you reach more people by promoting it in other platforms like their blogs and social networking accounts.

There are several ways to find hundreds of new members for your newly created  forum. Let us look at some of the best methods:

  1. Create threads on the forum about important topics in your niche. Since new visitors will find that the forum is empty, they will be hesitant to post. However, if there is at least one other person posting threads, they may take the time to respond. That said, it is essential for you to create new threads and post about specific topics about your niche. You can  even create another spare account to encourage others to start posting.
  2. Pull forum members from blogs and forums. What better places to get new members for your forums than in places where individuals already engage in active discussions? Find blogs and forums where there are members actively posting and solicit them for your forum indirectly. You can do this by frequently posting, giving relevant and quality info, and including a signature with your forum and blog posts that links to your forum.

Once you start getting new members, remember that you will have to keep them engaged if you want to retain them. Otherwise, you will soon find new members leaving your forum one after another. So, as you step up your promotion efforts, remember to simultaneously scale up your forum engagement efforts.

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