Web 2.0 Marketing Tip #44: Spreading the Word with RSS Feeds

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Web 2.0 Marketing Tip #44: Spreading the Word with RSS Feeds

By Ralf Skirr.

Regardless if you choose to start blogging in Tumblr or you just want more of your site followers to get easily updated, you will find RSS feeds to be very useful. You see, the problem is a lot of people likes to read blogs, but often, they end up forgetting blogs they once liked or encountered, especially if they are not able to bookmark them the first time.

Why RSS?

If you decide to use a service like Tumblr, or if you generally start utilizing blogging platforms, you have to understand how critical it is for you to setup an RSS feed.

Today, a lot of people are engrossed with finding and reading information online. That is exactly the reason why blogs and info products are much sought-after. However, while people love to discover new blogs, you must know that most of them do not visit a blog more than once. Instead, what they do is:

  1. They assess the blog.
  2. They determine whether the blog provides high-quality content or not.
  3. If it does, then they add the blog’s feed to their aggregator.

With that in mind, is absolutely essential to generate an RSS feed for you blog. This way, those who exclusively use readers and are unlikely to follow your blog closely will have an option. By providing RSS feeds, you also gain an advantage over your competition who do not provide feeds.

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