Web 2.0 Marketing Tip #39: Last.fm-Your Music Network

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Web 2.0 Marketing Tip #39: Last.fm-Your Music Network

By Ralf Skirr.

What kind of business are you running? If it is related to music, then you might want to join Last.fm. This social network is one of the most popular and probably the largest music catalogue today. Not familiar with it? Well, let us discuss this site in more detail.


In a nutshell, Last.fm is a form of Internet radio that automatically creates playlists for you, with the help of a program called the “Scrobbler.”

How does this music network work?

After joining the site, you will be able to list your favorite music, either manually or by letting it capture the music that you listen to on iTunes or elsewhere. Every time you do, Last.fm records your choices. Then, it adds them to your profile, which any user may view.

But how will this help your business?

This may sound like a fringe idea, but if you happen to be in the music business or if you are selling “how-to” music products, you can easily find potential customers Last.fm. Not only that but this site will also help you establish a more solid reputation; your customers will recognize you as a real person (and not just some mysterious person trying to hammer products down people’s throats). Aside from those, you can also exchange ideas and music preferences with your customers–a great way to establish customer loyalty and perhaps gather data.

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