Web 2.0 Marketing Tip #32: Conquer Your Fears

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Web 2.0 Marketing Tip #32: Conquer Your Fears

By Ralf Skirr.

If you are one of those hundreds of common marketers, then you will surely be afraid of committing mistakes. This is one thing that hinders not only Web 2.0 campaigns but generally all marketing campaigns there are. Is it the same for you? If yes, then you are bound to fail!

Conquering Your Fear of Making a Mistake

A lot of people start internet businesses because they think here is where they will get a lot of profits fast. However, their fear of making a mistake, of falling before they achieve one of their goals, is so strong that they end up with fear of making mistakes.

And when they do make a good progress, they start fearing more that they would rather stick with what they already have than create a Facebook fan page, a Twitter account, or a blog to reach more audience and open more revenue streams. In other words, they fear that they will may make an embarrassing mistake that will reflect poorly on their businesses.

This is definitely something you must avoid!

When it comes to Web 2.0, it is definitely possible for businesses to make embarrassing mistakes. However, more than the grave mistakes you read other marketers commit, the most serious mistake you can ever make is to not take action and strongly establish your business and customer base.

Let’s face it. How can you even imagine committing some mistakes about social networking when you are not even trying it in the first place? And how can you ever get the wonderful benefits We 2.0 provides if you are not giving it a shot? You will lose more if you choose to try anything!

Hear my personal recommendation: Work hard to build up your network and spend less time worrying about making mistakes. If anything, you’re more likely to make these mistakes in the early stages of your campaign, which is exactly when the fewest people will be able to observe them (because you won’t have many followers).

In short, stop being too much of a worrywart! Instead of worrying about mistakes you might commit, start working on campaigns that promise good fortune!

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