Web 2.0 Marketing Tip #27: Give Freedom with Your Facebook Fan Page

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Web 2.0 Marketing Tip #27: Give Freedom with Your Facebook Fan Page

By Ralf Skirr.

If there is one thing about Web 2.0 that make it sooo great, it will be the fact that users are given more freedom to express their thoughts. Some marketers think that this is a disadvantage since customers can give negative feedbacks. However, you must look at the bright side instead. If you allow your customers to air their thoughts, your business can prosper!

Make Your Customers a Real Part of Your Business

One of the most important functions of Web 2.0 is that it allows businesses like our to receive and actually encourage feedback from customers and visitors. These feedbacks are very valuable. Why? Because you can use feedbacks to develop your business. You can use it to:

  • Establish customer loyalty
  • Polish existing products or services
  • Create new products or services

But, how can you easily collect feedback from your customers? One of the best way to is by using your Facebook fan page. These are the methods you can employ:

  • Post an update, sincerely asking visitors to post or send you a story about how they’ve used your product
  • Hold a contest where the person who wrote the best story gets free products or discount coupons from your online store
  • Open a discussion thread and let customers air their thoughts

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