Web 2.0 Marketing Tip #25: Courtesy is a Must

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Web 2.0 Marketing Tip #25: Courtesy is a Must

By Ralf Skirr.

A lot of people find it easier to start internet businesses. This is because with such a business, face-to-face communication is not necessary: what you really need are strong, persuasive words. However, if you think that you can act any way you want just because you are working online, you are gravely mistaken!

Establishing Good Online Reputation

No matter which Web 2.0 sites you are using, be it Twitter, Facebook, forums, or blogs, there is something you have to remember: you’re always representing your business.

That said, you have to make sure that you will talk and act in a nice manner around customers as well as colleagues. Engaging in flame war on a forum or personally attacking a blog reader will not make a good impression. It is better to hold back and stay calm. Otherwise, you will get yourself a good number of enemies, and your reputation will surely be tarnished.

In addition to creating enemies, flaming will also make your business look unprofessional. Your existing customers and prospects will go about questioning your integrity. They will go about, wondering, “Is this the kind of merchant I want to associate with?” Surely, the answer to that question will be a big “NO!”

Therefore, when you start an internet business, you must always be cautious. Keep these 2 points in mind as well:

1. Never start criticizing and bashing others publicly. If you have nothing good to say, then don’t say anything at all.

2. Be very conscious when others start a nasty discussion with you. Don’t react emotionally; instead, think about the best possible response. If you stay collected and think things thoroughly, you will find that sometimes, it is best to not react at all. Sometimes, it is enough for you to keep calm, lay out facts, or just expressing that you don’t see any value  in fights.

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