Web 2.0 Marketing Tip #16: Use LinkedIn.com Customer Reviews For Better Ranking And Traffic

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Web 2.0 Marketing Tip #16: Use LinkedIn.com Customer Reviews For Better Ranking And Traffic

By Ralf Skirr.

LinkedIn is a popular social network for professionals. It is where you can establish your credibility and present your business as well as your offers. While a lot of marketers simply uses it for presenting their business profiles, you have to know that you can actually use it to generate organic search engine traffic for your business.

Using LinkedIn for Web Traffic Generation

How can you use LinkedIn to get more organic web traffic?

Simple. By getting your customers to give you a positive review on LinkedIn.

With each positive review, your profile’s search engine ranking position will improve. And as you already know, getting better rankings for your profile will give you a lot of benefits. Two of the most important benefits you’ll get are the following:

1) It will send more people looking for products or services in your niche to your LinkedIn profile.

2) It will get more people to find your website through your LinkedIn profile.

In either case, you have the potential to capture a great deal of extra traffic from individuals who are highly-targeted and who are interested in purchasing a product or service in your niche from the get-go.

Next step for you:

Now that you know how useful your LinkedIn profile can e, you should begin collecting positive review. Start by sending an email to your customers and ask them to review your business on your LinkedIn profile. If you have a physical store, you can talk to them directly, or you can choose to give them a call.

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