Do You Want To Be Rich?

Do You Want To Be Rich?

Do You Want To Be Rich?

I got your attention, didn’t I?

But that’s not a cheap stunt to get you to read this article. In truth, you CAN really rake in money if you write captivating content.

Thanks to Google Panda, “black hat” SEO is on its way out, fast and for good!

If you’re not familiar with Panda, it’s an algorithm that promotes high level content over those poorly written or obviously spun articles that do not make sense.

And yes, good content means more people reading and sharing it.

We’re talking about conversions and consequently, more money for you!

But before anything else, what do you think makes good content? Let’s find out, shall we?

1. Unique Content

Panda aims to weed out duplicate content and if you don’t want Panda to blacklist your website, boycott article spinners. Whether you manually do it or use software to create supposedly unique articles, it will still come out as low quality.

Coming from a writer’s point of view, it’s not just about slapping synonyms in. Take for example the phrase “a plethora of topics”. I mean to say overabundance or plenty of topics. Now, use an article spinning software and it will change plethora to overkill, which is a synonym but in an entirely different context.

See the difference?

Panda will sort through those spun articles and put them in their place. The aim is to eliminate “amateurs” and give value to the experts who are able to publish impressive and relevant content.

2. Interesting Enough to Read

Do You Want To Be Rich?In this case, you should know your audience well to catch their attention. What are they looking for? What can you offer them?

But it’s not just them you should be writing for.

Think about the people who prowl the Internet for “interesting reads.” I’m one of those people. If I love the article, I’ll share it. I’ll tweet about it and post it on my Facebook account.

Write for your audience, but write it in a way that other people, especially those who love to share, can understand and will take a few seconds to share it on their social networks.

3. Useful

Aside from teenagers who get on the web to check on their social networks, the number one reason most people use the Internet is finding solutions that can solve their problem. Which is precisely the reason why “how-to” articles are the most popular.

The thing is, it’s up to a talented copywriter to come up with unique headlines to catch the attention of the readers.

Let’s take for example, mobile bathrooms. How can you make it more interesting to the readers? How about starting with the headline “How To Find Mobile Bathrooms for Hire?” Boring, right? Consider this headline instead: “Creepy Bathrooms Tales: Do not Choose the Wrong Stall!” The creepy part got me. I would certainly want to share that with my friends on Twitter.

Writing is a big job, but somebody has to do it. Which is the exact reason why you should ask your SEO agency about engaging the help of professional copywriters to do the hard work for you.


Do You Want To Be Rich?Creating good content is not easy. In fact, if you put all three elements together, you’ll probably spend weeks coming up with a single blog post that not only will spark interest, but will also entice your visitor to become a customer.

Authority, that’s what you need to have. You have to convey to your audience that you are the expert. It’s hard work, but that’s what good copywriters are for.

And yes, you need one who is an expert in your niche. That’s where an effective SEO company comes in. A full service SEO firm have access to professional copywriters who have different areas of expertise. Yes, including mobile bathrooms. Forget about low quality content! That’s not where the money is.

By Debra Wright

Debra Wright is a creative and innovative blogger and online marketing specialist. She uses her wordsmith skills to share her ideas, thoughts, and tips to other people about topics that fascinate her, such as how to write good content. Follow Debra on twitter @debrawrites

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