Why Your Vision Fails

Why Your Vision Fails

Why Your Vision Fails

By Ralf Skirr.

My visions failed me.

I first read that I must [!] have a big vision for my life or business in 1987.

Guru after guru keeps repeating the need for a vision. It’s a standard prescription.

Yet, they never worked for me. And it seems I’m not an exception in this.

Big visions aren’t working for millions who read the same advice but can’t get themselves to move their butt even an inch.

Visions are big by definition, but the average person, like [maybe] you and [certainly] me, perceive themselves as relatively small.

Why Your Vision Fails

The gap between the vision you were told to create and what you believe you’re capable of is too big to even make an effort.

That’s why our visions fail to move us.

If larger-than-life visions don’t work for you, try these 3 adjustments.

1. Change the size of the vision or the time frame.

Instead of focusing on something overwhelmingly big in a distant future, focus on a smaller vision closer to your current reality.

This will eliminate the huge gap between what you feel you can achieve and what you’re visioning.

2. Increase your belief in what you are capable of.

You can do this by creating smaller results faster. Worded differently: Get to work!

Don’t wait for super-human motivation to kick in from your vision, but simply start doing the work.

The more results you create, the more little things you achieve, the more your belief will grow.

You can also try affirmations to increase belief.

3. Reinforce your vision daily.

A vision is not a set-and-forget solution.

Apart from the ‘capabilities-belief gap‘ the number one reason visions don’t work is that they’re not reinforced.

Make revisiting your adjusted vision an indispensable daily habit.

This article was first published at RalfSkirr.com.

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