Viral Marketing Definition; What Is It And Why Is It Called Viral?

Viral Marketing Definition; What Is It And Why Is It Called Viral?

By Ralf Skirr.

The viral marketing definition in its easiest form is to define it as ‘digital’ word-of-mouth advertising. The idea is to get YOUR marketing message spread around like a ‘virus’. You send a viral message out and whenever people ‘meet’ online in communities or via forums or blogs they talk to others about it and make it known all over the internet.

If it works out – boom! You’ll see a traffic surge on your web site like never before.

Wouldn’t you like that?

By definition, with viral marketing you ‘infect’ a few people with something that’s worthwhile sharing. Then they spread it around (for you) when they meet their pears.

The important phrase here is ‘worthwhile sharing’.People must have a reason to spread your message.

When you define your viral campaign you must pay the utmost attention to creating something people are excited about. That is: something of high value or something that’s highly entertaining.

If they like it they start sending it around. Or maybe you created it so that they have a benefit from passing it to their friends.

It’s best when they are so excited that they pass it around even if they have no benefit at all. But here are a few example benefits of sharing your viral content. It’s called ‘Bribery’ :-)

  • they get money,
  • or reward points,
  • or free products,
  • or whatever.

Their friends then virally forward it to more and more of their friends.

You can imagine it like circles around circles that get larger and larger.

  1. You are in the center. You start sending your viral message to the smallest inner circle of people that you have direct contact to.
  2. Then they pass it to people in an outer circle, the second circle, you don’t even know.
  3. Then it’s passed to the third circle of people and so on.

At amazing speed the number of people who see your viral marketing message gets larger and larger.

Of course there are much more technical viral marketing definitions, but the important thing is not the technical Mumbo Jumbo. The important thing is: once you send it out, it distributes fast and wide without you lifting a finger. In the shortest time you reach tons and tons of people.

In the end it’s your pleasure to turn your viral traffic into sales and cash.

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    Hello sir, that’s exactly what I needed. It helps learning how to market on social networking sites. Thank you! If you don’t mind I would like to add it to my website.

  2. Dan Pressler October 26, 2009 at 9:24 pm #

    Great article! I’m writing an article on viral marketing and came across yours while doing my research. Very well done and look forward to reading more of your articles regarding marketing on the internet…again, thanks!

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