Unlock The Tad Tricky Bits Of Blogging

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Unlock The Tad Tricky Bits Of Blogging

When I first started blogging about my business it took me nearly a year before I had a regular blog going. In that time I had created 4 different blogs across multiple blogging sites, played with the design for hours and then I had left it.

So what stops you from blogging? For me it was a number of issues, down below I have discussed some of my areas of concern and how I got around it.

What do I write about?

The biggest problem when I would sit down to write was, what do I write about? What topics are interesting to me and also to prospective readers that might get them interested? Typically I would start on multiple topics and leave it halfway through because I was not sure it was worth writing about.

Now I reach out to my social media contacts i.e. LinkedIn or Twitter. You can see discussion and conversations which are trending. Talk to people in your business and find out some of the common issues they face. Another option set up Google Alerts for your industry as it will give you the most popular news and you can write your perspective on that.

Just remember the day the creative juices are flowing, write down all the topics you can write about. You can always refer to this the day you’re suffering from bloggers block!

No one is reading my blog?

It took over 1 month before I got a mail which said someone had liked my blog and another 2 weeks post that for someone to follow my blog. So now you know where to get interesting content from, question is how the others will know.

There are some simple methods through which you can promote your blog readership.

  • Make sure there is a link to your blog which dynamically updates your blog posts on your website.
  • Connect your blog to all social media accounts so that every time you post it, it gets pushed to your social network.
  • All your digital profiles should show a link to your blog page.
  • Finally there are blog directories to which you can add your blog to. This allows a wider distribution and visibility for your blog.

Technology you are heartless!

Are you a technology dodo? Well! so was I when I first started. There are so many tools to use and blogs which have lovely designs, it makes you wonder how to get it working for you.

Well I think there are two ways you can do this.

  1. One is to get down and dirty i.e. there are lot of blog sites which offer help and user forums to ask questions on how to customise your blog. A little bit of focus and patience can teach you a lot including how to bullet your post using html.
  2. Now if this is too much for you, then hire someone! There are a number people who can design a lovely blog for you at a very small price. You can brief them on your requirements and they will deliver a readymade blog and you can then post away!

Finally remember you do not have to be Shakespeare to be a good blog writer. However you need to write a lot and that to consistently. The more you blog the better you will become.


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