The Only Two Social Media Goals You Should Ever Work On

The Only Two Social Media Goals You Should Ever Work On

The Only Two Social Media Goals You Should Ever Work On

By Ralf Skirr.

When it comes to marketing, overwhelm is the #1 problem for small and medium sized businesses.

Big businesses have their own marketing departments, big budgets, and a lineup of marketing agencies working for them. Small businesses don’t.

It’s simply not doable anymore to create and distribute all the media, and to engage on all the platforms you’re supposed to.

The only solution is focus.

Do some things, and ignore others.

In this post you’ll find a way to simplify social media marketing.

A few minutes of research bring up lots of goals you’re supposed to [according to experts] accomplish with social media.

Build your brand |Create sales | Reduce cost | Build the organization | Generate leads | 24/7 multi-channel customer  support |Crisis management |Build a large following |Drive traffic to your site |Recruiting |Market research |Product and service innovation |Content marketing | Get lots of shares and re-tweets | and more.

Those are all valid and interesting goals.

But just because something is possible doesn’t mean you actually have to, or should, do it.

With limited resources you need to focus on

  • What’s most important
  • What’s relatively easy to achieve.

Unless you have spare time or extra money to spend, there are only two goals you should work on in social media.

Social Media Goal #1: Connect To Your Existing Customers.

Social media sites are new channels [besides the traditionally used email, snail mail, and phone] to stay in touch with your customers.

It’s easier to sell more to existing customers than to acquire new ones. But only if you stay in touch.

Many businesses even forget to keep contact with their customers via old channels. But it doesn’t mean you can’t change that today.

Social media offers more points of contact. More points of contact means more chances to remind your customer you exist.

It’s not primarily about selling to them via social media. It’s about achieving that profitable top-of-mind-awareness for your business.

As a rule of thumb, search for each new customer on social media and connect them to your pages and profiles.

Social Media Goal #2:  Generate Leads.

Please note:

  • I didn’t say ‘generate sales.’ [Leads will become buyers later.]
  • And I didn’t say get lots of friends and followers. [Engaging on a large scale with followers who’ll never become customers is a waste of time and money.]

Goal #2 is a little bit more complicated than #1. Because you need to have one or more lead funnels in place, additionally to your social media activity. You need a planned way to communicate with a lead until a purchase happens.

It’s not enough to have the lead like your Facebook page or click through to your web site. Once you have the connection, you’ll follow up with the goal of selling. [Not with the goal of ‘keeping in touch.’]

  1. Use social media ‘softly’ to keep in touch with existing customers.
  2. Use it tightly focused to find new leads for your sales funnels.

If you set up your social media profiles to fulfill these goals, your daily social media activities will be more clear and easier to accomplish. You’ll stop wasting time, and you’ll increase your sales.

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