Twitter Series Part II – 4 Ways To Jumpstart Your Business With Twitter

Twitter Series Part II – 4 Ways To Jumpstart Your Business With Twitter

By Ralf Skirr.

People connecting in a line.Welcome to the second part of my multi-part series on Twitter. Today let’s go over a few of the ways that you can use Twitter for your business.

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1. Getting Traffic to Your Blog Posts or Your Web Sites.

Did you know you can add links to your Twitter posts? Thus with a simple 140 character message to Twitter, you can have lots of readers come to your sites.

When you use Twitter, you’ll be able to tap into parts of your existing market that you weren’t aware of before. Plus, you can not only find tons of new readers on Twitter, but you’ll also remind current readers to re-visit your site.

Be prepared though that if you’re going to use it just to post links to your Blog, you’re going to be a bit disappointed.

Since Twitter is a social networking tool, people will quickly unsubscribe from your updates. On Twitter, people want to know more about you and see a more personal side of you.

This is why it’s such a powerful way to drive traffic to your Blog.

2. Connecting With Your Readership.

When you blog in a traditional sense, you’re speaking to your readership from a distance. You write your post, edit it and then post it. During all of these activities, you’re removed from your audience; they may read it even months after you created it.

But when you use Twitter to communicate, it becomes a conversation. You can show more of your personality to your followers and truly communicate with them on a different level.

A Twitter update shows up on your and other people’s sites instantly.

This can get them more interested in you and your Blog, which will build more traffic over time.

While you connect with your (new) readers, you also want to position yourself in your reader’s mind. That’s what the third Twitter benefit is about. Read on…

3. Building Your Brand.

In order to stand out amidst the large amount of Blogs and Twitter accounts online, you need to develop a persona for people to connect to and identify with.

You can accomplish this through your Blog, but you can further your branding by using a Twitter account.

You need to figure out what makes you unique in your niche and then extend these differences between you and others in your Twitter posts. Decide what your persona is, and then make sure your Twitter posts reflect that.

Before I finish this article, here’s an important Twitter benefit that’s largely overlooked by many marketers. Twitter is one of the fastest and cheapest ways for

4. Researching Your Niche.

With Twitter, your target market can be at your fingertips. You can spy on their interests, ask them about their needs and automatically get ideas for your Blog posts or for profitable products.

Interact with other people, answer their questions and ask them questions back. This way you can become part of the community.

If you add a lot of people to your follow list who are in your niche, pay attention to their problems, their questions and the type of things that they share.

This can all be part of your niche research and you can incorporate what you find there in your Blog or in the form of a new product. You’ll find that your Twitter account can be a treasure trove for Blog post ideas.

You can use the information that you find on Twitter to create Blog posts that meet the needs of your readership. You can also address specific questions or concerns.

You’ll be surprised at what a great brainstorming tool your Twitter account can be. You’ll read someone’s update and then it will get the wheels turning for a Blog post, or even a series of Blog posts.

That’s it for now, 4 ways to enhance your business with Twitter. Thanks for reading. Follow me at and as always: feel free to add your input below…

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