4 Reasons Twitter & Facebook Are A Waste Of Time For Your Small Business

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4 Reasons Twitter & Facebook Are A Waste Of Time For Your Small Business

Since its advent, social media has played a big role in changing the way we do online business. Many brands have gone to the likes of Facebook and Twitter to promote their name, gather an audience and use the platforms to convert them into actual customers.

But while social media is fast conquering the online market, some industries still do not find platforms such as Facebook and Twitter useful.

So yes, what makes Twitter and Facebook a waste of time for your small business? Below are the top 4 reasons:

1. Your target audience is just within reach.

If you are running a small business and are catering to a very local market, then there’s actually no need to use social networks because they’re just within reach. This proves true if you already have an established location; people already flock to you naturally.

Sure, having a profile on Facebook and Twitter helps, but you can do without them. It’s unless of course you are consistent in posting updates about your store, but that wouldn’t be necessary when your audience is already knows about that.

2. Your market is not into social media.

Yes, there are markets which are not into social media. These include the businesses that cater to the elderly, or those that rely more on search queries rather than social media-such as home services.

If your business is service oriented, and your clients are usually one-time customers, then you may settle for a website instead of a social media profile. This is because your clients will be looking for you to transact deals and not to socialize.

3. Most of your followers are not into your business.

If you are running a small business, your main followers would most likely be your family and friends. Sure, they support your business, but not in terms of proactively endorsing it to their own contacts.

Promoting your business on social media will only be effective if most of your target audience is also on social media; it’s not every day that you can find referrals from second degree friends. If ever a customer looks for you, he or she will do it via Google instead.

4. You are catering to an offline market.

Let’s say you are running a food stall down the street. Given your location and the nature of your business, your market is already there. Your customers pass by your stall naturally, and if ever they want to know about your offers, they’ll ask you directly. And no, they won’t spend time looking for you on social media, unless you already have a cult following.

So there’s actually no need to go online if you are serving an offline market. It would only be a waste of time to shout out on Twitter or Facebook when most of your followers are located somewhere else, somewhere far from your business. If you want to increase your customer base in this line of business, then go for the old school marketing-flyers and all.


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