TurbomembershipReviews.com Back Online

TurbomembershipReviews.com Back Online

By Ralf Skirr.


After the disaster with Myriadnetwork’s hosting earlier this year many of my sites went offline and I had to transfer them to other hosts. I’m sorry to say that I forgot to update the DNS entries for Turbomembershipreviews.com and the site was unavailable for a while.

Today I re-created the site and fortunately no entries or user-reviews of TurboMembership were lost.

Stay tuned for some exciting updates and freebies at TurboMembershipReviews.com very soon.

So what is the site about? John Delavera’s TurboMembership (TM) is one of the best memberships on the internet. Some even call it: “The Holy Grail of Internet Marketing”

But obviously everyone promoting the TM would say this, right?

That’s why I created Turbomembershipreviews.com.

Customers, friends, and enimies of  TM can post their honest, uncensored review of Turbomembership. All reviews will be published (except maybe when someone would publish below the line, dirty language insults – but that has not happened yet.) So no matter if you like of hate TM , please remain civilized with your review.

To keep in touch with the updates you may subscribe to the RSS Feed, I can’t reveal much yet, but be sure there are some goodies in store for you!

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