TurboMembership Review

TurboMembership Review

By Ralf Skirr.


Ok, so you see, the very first review I write for my internet business blog is about John Delavera’s TurboMembership. Why that?

First of all, because TurboMembership is the single one membership site that I’ve retained for years. I have – just like you maybe – joined many memberships, and over time cancelled all of them, except for this one.

Second, because I believe TurboMembership is one of the best recommendations I can give you, and my guideline for the review section is to give you actionable recommendations.

If you’ve been online for any length of time, you know that there are tons of products out there claiming that they can help you make those profits and help you quit your day job.

I personally cannot speak for all of them (no one could), but the TurboMembership is one product I do have years of experience with that I can tell you about.

So here’s my review on what TurboMembership is about, what I like about it, and also what I do not like about it, what I think could be improved.

What is TurboMembership and for who?

The TurboMembership is essentially a one-stop, all-in-one solution that is continuously updated each month with new products, tools, and training resources that enable Turbo Members to remain on the cutting edge when it comes to building and maintaining a successful internet business.

It’s for everyone who wants to build an internet business, who wants to make money online.

If you’ve already established your internet business just skip the next section and jump down to see the monthly content, products and web sites TurboMembership will add to your internet empire.

What’s in it for the beginners in making money online?

If you’re completely new to making money online, you’ve probably asked yourself these questions…

  • How can I earn profits online?
  • What is necessary for me in order to quit my day job?
  • How does a total newbie get started in making money online?

TurboMembership provides the answer to a lot of the questions stated above, questions that you may be pondering right now as you are reading this review.

How do you create a profitable Internet business?

The TurboMembership is created around a very simple formula of

Web Site Content + Products + Traffic = Profit.

The problem many people have, however, is that they still have to create the products and generate the traffic, both of which are a challenge, if not a seeming impossibility, for many.

The plain fact is that, without a solid product to sell and without traffic coming to your site, you cannot and do not have an internet business.

So TurboMembership has been created to help you out…

Here’s an overview of what’s included.

  • You get unique, high-quality ebooks to download every single month.
  • You get pre-written sales pages and professional graphics that come with source files so you can easily edit them.
  • You get complete mini-site designs that complement the ebook titles you will receive.
  • You also get additional Resell and Master Resell Rights Packages.
  • You get exclusive scripts, software, audio, video and information-based packages from many different niches, which will allow you to produce products in every imaginable niche.
  • You get brand new content, which includes 100’s of articles that can be pre-loaded into your autoresponder sequences – this will allow you to set your internet business on complete autopilot and have it earn automated profits.
  • You will receive professional website packages that focus on several high-profit affiliate-based marketplaces, including ClickBank, AdSense, Commission Junction, and other similar programs. This will allow you to start earning additional revenue immediately.

You can get more details by clicking here.

The TurboMembership gives you everything you need to create a successful Internet business.

Above I mentioned you’d also get professional services every internet marketer needs for his business anyway.

Getting them through TurboMembership will save you several monthly costs for other services, because now you do not need to pay anyone anymore for hosting, autoresponders or ecommerce solutions.

These internet marketing services are included with TurboMembership

Powerful, Professional, Feature-Packed Website Hosting

Your website hosting account enables you to host an unlimited number of websites. Each website you build and host online enables you to establish your credibility and to sell the products that you receive as part of your TurboMembership.

JVManager® Delavo™

If you’ve had trouble or concerns over how to accept online payments and/or creating your own affiliate program, JVManager® Delavo™ will make those tasks easy for you. Your entire internet business can be managed from this one software program.

AWeber Autoresponder

This professionally-hosted autoresponder account will enable you to build and manage your list of subscribers more easily and more safely through a double opt-in process.

Here’s what you receive to create your own products and to fill your web sites with content.

4 Private Label Rights (PLR) Reports

By using your unlimited professional hosting account to create a number of niche-related websites and using these reports to supply those websites with useful content, you can cater to many in-demand niche markets.

1 PLR Turbo Script Software Program or Script

By gaining the full source code to these software programs and scripts, you can change and improve these programs and scripts in any way that you choose. As a result, you can repackage these products as your very own because they will essentially become your own products after you modify them.

10 PLR Articles

These articles can be used to easily provide original and unique content for your newsletters, blogs, and websites, saving you time and money when it comes to continuously providing fresh and relevant content for your sites and newsletters.

100 PLR “Niche” Articles

These articles can be used to quickly create valuable ebooks and reports, thereby saving you time and money in coming up with quality content for your ebooks and reports. You can then use these ebooks and reports to quickly build a quality subscriber list who will be interested in your future offers.

You’ll also get templates to quickly build your ‘Virtual Real Estate’ and expand your internet empire.

I’m a web designer myself, but these templates are a huge time saver for me. That is even more true if you are not a geek and don’t want to learn all the html and css stuff. Simply use the monthly templates to build your web sites.

5 New and Unique Web 2.0 Templates

These templates also come with associated graphic packages that will allow you to build a presence in virtually any market that you choose to enter.

1 Unique WordPress Blog Theme

You receive a new, premium blog template each month, which will present your business in a professional manner.

4 New Turnkey Moneymaking Websites Each and Every Month

These moneymaking websites can provide you with a great way to boost your profits by utilizing them in high-profit “back-end” offers or lucrative “up-sell” offers, both of which are key to considerably boosting your online profits.

So we’ve talked about content, and products, and services, and web site templates…

As impressive as the previous features are, the following feature really can make or break your success in internet business.

One thing that struck a chord with me is John’s dedicated personal effort to helping people succeed. From conversations I’ve directly had with him, I can tell you that his interest in helping people is genuine and not an act.

He’s implemented the following ways to help you out with any question or problem or obstacle you’ll ever encounter when building your internet business.

Turbo University

This process begins by giving you access to the “Turbo University”; this is where you learn exactly how to set up your “proven” Turbo Marketing system.

Live Online Conferences

Each month, there is a live online conference that will enable you to learn the latest marketing skills and strategies so that you always stay up-to-date and on the cutting edge in the marketing world, which will help you earn more profits.

Forum community for all your questions and for sharing your ideas

The TurboMembership also has a commited team of moderators helping its members utilize the membership and building their internet businesses the right way. This team of moderators includes John Delavera himself, further proving that his willingness to help people is genuine.

Live Help Via Skype

To ensure that you get the most from your TurboMembership, you can get live one-on-one support every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Therefore, if you ever get confused on what to do next in the TurboMembership or are not sure how to apply the elements of the TM to your internet business, you can find out immediately via live help. This element of the TM is unique, as I’ve never seen this level of service provided by any other membership site.

Click here for your TurboMembership

To wrap it up: TurboMembership is membership site that will give you monthly content, products, and services for your internet business. And I’m talking HUGE content, HUGE products, and HUGE services (featuring some of the best tools in the industry).

Plus it will give you all the help, support, and mentoring you need.

This review would not be helpful to you if I only mentioned the positive aspects of it, so I will also mention the negative aspects of it, though I only think 2 areas of the TM could be improved…

  1. When you first log into the TurboMembership area, the site does not look very attractive or professional because it has a disconcerting mixture of design graphics and styles, making it look unprofessional and disorganized. I really wonder why that is not taken care of.

    With that said, the site is totally functional and you can find the areas you are looking for, even though the look of the site could be more uniform and professional-looking in my opinion.

  2. When you first log into the site, you’ll only see only a few links, making you wonder if this is all there is to the TurboMembership, which could make you think that you got ripped off. Given the huge list of what the TM includes, at first glance it might be a challenge to find all the many, many items offered to you.

    However, John does provide you with instructions (see the “Blue Workbook” below) on how to find every piece of the TM. If you are the type of person who wants to see everything associated with the site at the very beginning, you’ll likely be disappointed, but if you are willing to follow the instructions that are given, you’ll easily find all areas of the TM and likely be very satisfied with all that the TM has to offer.

The Blue Workbook – the quick start guide for the TurboMembership

John is quite aware of problem #2 mentioned above; this is why he gives you the “Blue Workbook” in order to help you find all of the areas of the TurboMembership and to enable you to get everything you want to get from the TurboMembership.

Therefore, it is vital that you read every word of the “Blue Workbook” – do not skip any part of it and jump ahead, as you’ll make your task of building an internet business needlessly harder than it needs to be.

Getting Started…

There are no guarantees to success, not even with the TurboMembership. The TurboMembership is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

Let me give you a healthy dose of truth: Without the proper commitment and effort to build a successful internet business, you will not succeed online. But the TurboMembership does put the odds of success in creating your own successful internet business clearly in your favor.

I would suggest going to the main TurboMembership sales page, printing out that page, then taking 15 minutes or so to carefully read through that sales page.

This way, you will be able to analyze the details for yourself and see if your internet business and life would benefit from joining the TurboMembership.

If you are intrigued by what you see, but are not sure about all of the details, please feel free to contact me with any questions and I’ll do my best to quickly answer them as well as I can.

Click here for your TurboMembership

I really believe you should carefully consider joining the TurboMembership if you want to build a successful and sustainable Internet business for the long term.

I wish you all the best with your decision and with your future endeavors!

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The TurboMembership Homepage

The Big Yellow Ebook, free Ebook, where John Delavera shares his best tips for internet business success.

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