Grow Your Business with Triberr: #2 Massive Reach

Grow Your Business with Triberr: #2 Massive Reach

Grow Your Business with Triberr: #2 Massive Reach

Welcome to Segment Two of the Grow Your Business Online with Triberr eSeries!

By Irish Carter.

Hello Everyone – Welcome back to the  second segment of the Triberr eSeries.

If you are just stopping by and missed last week's segment on networking, I hope you check it out.

There was some great information in that segment for you.

Grow Your Business with Triberr: #1 Networking

I'm really excited to share with you this eSeries! Let me tell you what you will learn more on over the next few weeks; many of the awesome benefits you can gain from using Triberr to network, find quality guest bloggers, increase your ability to land more jobs on Twitter, land more jobs from some great brands, find learning mentors and that's just some of what I am going to teach you!

Triberr is a great resource to build your professional development skills. 

By the way, I'm going to POP OUT a little surprise through this eSeries as to how even those without blogs can benefit from this website.

Stay connected to learn this little secret!  I think it will get the lightbulb in your head turning (smiling).

Even though I just said this, I don't want anyone thinking that I am saying it a good online business doesn't need a blog because I STRONGLY believe it should have one. 

Segment Two's Topic of REACH

In this segment, we are going to be discussing "Reach" and how powerful it is. For those brand spanking new to the online business world, I want to explain to you what the term, "Reach" is and how it can benefit you.

Let's say you have a total of 5,000 followers on Twitter. You also have a network of 10 others who each have 5,000 followers on Twitter.

The eleven of you share each others work as a network as a way to help and promote each other.

This means your work is getting out to way more than just your 5,000 Twitter followers, right? If you take all eleven of your network and multiply each of your 5,000 followers (11 x 5,000),  it equals a reach of 55,000 for you.

You now have the potential to have up to 55,000 people see your work because your network is promoting you.

Grow Your Business with Triberr: #1 Networking

The more tribes you join, the more people you are connected to, and the more your reach grows.

Pretty cool,  don't you think? Imagine how exciting it is when you realize you have a reach of over a million and then more and more and more.  It's extremely exciting and motivating.

An even bigger way of looking at this is if the 5,000 Twitter followers I had each promoted one of my posts and they each had 500 followers, guess what? That post that was promoted had a reach of 5,000 x 500 equaling 2.5 million. Is this starting to make sense for anyone new trying to understand REACH. It's pretty cool stuff and can motivate your pants off. Well, lets hope not literally…LOL!

When you join Triberr, there are a gazilliion different tribes to choose from. Be sure to visit the last segment on Networking so you can understand why you don't want to just join any tribe. You want it to work to your benefit and as we go through  this eSeries, it will all start to fit together for you exactly WHY!!!. 

OK, let's say you have joined Triberr and joined a couple of tribes. You now are building a larger reach because others are now promoting your work. What does that mean for you?  It means a lot!

Let's Visit a Few HOT TOPIC Points as to How Reach Can Help You:

Grow Your Business with Triberr: #2 Massive ReachYOU Get Noticed! As you write articles and posts, your tribe will be promoting it. As more people start to gain access to your articles and posts, you are going to have more individuals visit your website or blog!

This increases your odds for potential followers and customers.

They may then also begin to share your work and on and on and on. I think you can see how this whole domino effect can take effect for the growth and professional development of your website. 

YOU Gain Recognition! There was a reason I shared in the last segment to make sure to join tribes that fit your niche. The network you build will be sharing your work out to their followers.

It isn't going to help you a whole lot if you have a network of eBay sellers promoting your work on freelance writing. You probably aren't going to get a whole lot of your articles shared. Even if you do, their followers will probably have little to no interest because they want to learn and read about eBay selling!

So, build the right network and WOW that audience of not just yours, but theirs too! This is an opportunity to gain that recognition in showing who you are and what you are all about! Go make it happen. You got this in the bag! 

YOU Become a POWERHOUSE with Exposure! One of the perks of using Triberr is that as you are building a network and your reach is increasing, you are growing your online presence. Once you feel as if you have mastered a couple tribes and have the hang of it,  you can join a few more tribes.

Well, guess what that means?

Your reach just increased!

You are meeting more professionals in your area of expertise who are going to promote your work and yep, you guessed it; you are becoming a POWERHOUSE with Exposure. Your reach will begin moving onward from one million to two million and beyond. Go get noticed now, will you?  

Grow Your Business with Triberr: #2 Massive ReachMore Reach and Exposure Means More Opportunities and Followers! Yep, it's not rocket science for this one. The larger your reach, the more people who are going to be exposed to you. That also means more businesses are going to have access to you.

You can bet your booty that you will gain more followers to your website PLUS more contact with companies to work with. Heads UP! The more exposure….the more emails you will have to go through. Get ready for opportunity and more work! Are you excited yet? You should be!!!

That's all for this segment my friends!

Be sure to check out my next segment where I am going to talk to you about how to increase your credibility and customer base. I get excited just telling you that! I've got some great info on that segment so can't wait for you to read it. Until next time everyone, have a great and fabulous week.

Don't forget to spend some time with those you love! Oh and for goodness sake, if you haven't joined Triberr yet, please do so. You can be working on these Triberr tips and you go!

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