Grow Your Business with Triberr: #4 Mentors and Leaders

Grow Your Business Online with Triberr eSeries - #4 Mentors and Leaders in Your Niche!

Grow Your Business with Triberr: #4 Mentors and Leaders

Welcome to Segment Four of the Grow Your Business Online with Triberr eSeries!

This is the fourth segment of the Triberr eSeries.

If you haven't had a chance to read some of the previous segments, you can read up on the first three segments below:

  1. Networking on Triberr
  2. Massive Triberr reach
  3. Improving credibility and customer base

If you follow the previous Triberr segments, you will get much more out of each of the ones to follow. I promise. I coordinated these in the order they are in to help you succeed in professional development and get the most out of your online business.

Now, let's talk this week about Mentors and Leaders! I'm going to share with you how using Triberr can lead you to some of the BEST Leaders and Mentors Online.  Accessing these mentors and leaders will help you to become the champion you are made to be!

Opportunity to Find Mentors!
In the online world there are thousands of individuals who will call themselves a coach or mentor! For someone trying to filter through all these individuals or unsure of their credibility, it can be way too overwhelming than necessary!

Searching them out on Triberr allows for you to have the time to recognize their credibility and establish a relationship prior to jumping into any type of relationship where you would call someone a "Mentor".

I want to share some of the great qualities you should be looking for in a mentor so you can trust that you have found one that will work and support you. Let's go over some of those qualities you should look for in a mentor:

Mentors are positive people who support you!
If you are with someone you are referring to as a mentor and they aren't benefitting and supporting you, I want to give you one huge piece of advice. Drop them like a hot potato!

I remember a while back, I had someone who I thought was a mentor to me.  Know what? It didn't last long. They weren't looking out for the best in my work.  In fact, they really didn't support me.

I kept trying to deny it. I believe it was the day after I had confided some product details to her and she decided to share it to an entire group as if it was her idea that kicked me right in the rear. I never spoke to her since.

I don't want any of you to go through that so please make sure that when selecting a mentor you they are someone who supports you and you can learn to trust.

A Mentor Can Offer You Awesome and Credible Advice!
A good mentor to you is one who has much experience in helping others be strong in their career growth. Their experience can help to teach you and educate you to reach a higher level of success.

You want to be able to ask questions to a mentor and have them offer you a response you are going to feel confident in putting into place and action.

A Mentor Can Give You Constructive Feedback!
Grow Your Business Online with Triberr eSeries - #4 Mentors and Leaders in Your Niche!One of the great things about a good mentor is that they can constructively tell you when something may not be in the best interest for you. Their communication skills with you are that of one where you can walk away trusting that the feedback given to you was offered to ensure you have the best success at interest regarding your professional development.

I've rarely heard anyone who had a true and genuine mentor refer to them ONLY as a mentor.

A REAL MENTOR is always referred to as a mentor AND FRIEND!

Mentors are respected by their colleagues!
R-E-S-P-E-C-T!  Enough said.

A rockin and dynamic mentor has just that.

Respect! They are genuine and confident in what they do. They have built their reputation around the quality of their work and others respond strongly to that. They learn and admire that in a good teacher and leader. 

A Mentor is Sincerely Interested in Your Success! They coach you along and expect the best of you.

A Mentor is Sincerely Interested in Your Success!
You need to think of them just like a Coach! Yepper! You want a quality mentor to motivate you. One that will be there to watch you grow and see you succeed.

They coach you along and expect the best of you. Sometimes it may feel as if they have more confidence in you than you do yourself.

When the day comes where you have raised the bar in your level of confidence, you want to see them grow as well so they can continue to teach you. You need to be open that sometimes there are those that don't grow any farther than where they are at. If this is the mentor you have it is important to be comfortable to find a new one when the day comes in which they have taught you as much as they can. It only means that they have done there job effectively.

That makes them a GREAT MENTOR

You Can Bet a Mentor with Teach You Well in Your Niche!
The one who has the experience and has gained credibility in your niche should be a great teacher to you. A mentor should have good leadership skills so that you can learn from them.

They will never give up on you because they truly want to help you grow in your niche and career. When you want to give up, they give you a little push like a coach does and sometimes even kick you in the booty a bit because they know there is more in you than you think there is. They truly care about your success.

They want to see you rise and reach those goals and that dream of yours!

Opportunity to Find Other Leaders in Your Niche!
There are so many reasons to find other leaders in your niche. I'm going to share with you some of the most important reasons that I have found to bond with other leaders in your field of expertise!

You Can Invest in Each Other!
Although different leaders may be in the same niche, their strengths may lie in different areas. It truly is in your benefit to form relationships with these leaders and work together. This can only make you all stronger!

You are a Bigger Fish in the Sea Because Your Network is Filled with More Professionals in Your Niche!
I've been talking about this quite a bit in the past segments regarding how powerful you can become with a great network. The more powerful the network, the larger you grow your credibility and reach!

Did I mention you can speed your success up this way also.  Just remember to not fake your level of success.

Grow into it!

Genuineness will allow you to prove yourself as not an impersonator and keep you successful. Who wants five minutes of fame when you can have a lifetime, right? For sure!!!

You Don't Have a Whole Lot to Lose by Being Part of a Strong Network but a Small Amount of Time. 
There is little drawback to this since you gain so much in return. A strong network is only going to benefit you. Make it ROCK your business and professional world. In return, you do the same for those in the network with you.

Leadership Comes In Many Forms! 
Grow Your Business Online with Triberr eSeries - #4 Mentors and Leaders in Your Niche!There are tons of different areas someone can have strengths in when it comes to a niche. You have individuals strong in the technical side of leadership, small business leadership, the personnel side of leadership and temporary leadership.

  • A technical leader can offer someone who doesn't have those strengths an enormous amount of help in this area.
  • Someone strong in small business leadership can help others with strategic planning and other business planning areas.
  • A leader in Personnel has massive skills in budgets, payroll and staffing.

One of my personal favorite type of leaders are those strong in temporary leadership. Their strengths lie in managing projects and completing them on tight deadlines and budgets.

That's all I have for you this week everyone and I hope you gained alot of insight from it. I truly hope that this eSeries is helping you to improve your professional development to be a better and more dynami entrepreneur.

Let me share with you what is coming up in the eSeries. You will learn more on many of the awesome benefits you can gain from using Triberr to find quality guest bloggers, increase your ability to land more jobs on Twitter and obtain more work opportunities from some great brands. That's just some of what I am going to teach you! Triberr is a great resource to build your professional development skills and I am so excited to show you how it benefits you.

On a Personal Note as I write this, there is a huge storm outside with what they say are 60 mph winds. I don't like it at all. Not one bit! Grrrrrrr! Are you a storm chaser or one who huddles under the blanket on their bed? Guess you know which one I am. LOL

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