Grow Your Business with Triberr: #6 Influence Marketing

Grow Your Business with Triberr: #6 Influence Marketing

Grow Your Business with Triberr: #6 Influence Marketing

Welcome to Segment Six of the Grow Your Business Online with Triberr eSeries!

If you haven't read the previous segments, you can find the first five segments of the eSeries below:

  1. Networking
  2. Massive Reach
  3. Using Triberr to increase Credibility and Customer Base
  4. Mentors and Leaders in Your Niche!
  5. How to find Guest Blogging Opportunities through Triberr

Today’s segment I want to talk to you about something that is a HUGE piece of knowledge for those working in the online business world. It is called "Influence Marketing" and how can help you with this influence. 

As I get into this, I also want to touch today on the following areas: 

  • Connecting with Brands
  • Brand Ambassadorships-Understanding this Title!
  • Influence Marketing-What is it?
  • The difference in today's world and how you are today's Celebrity
  • The Change in Today's Media World
  • How Businesses and Non-Profits FIND an Influencers
  • How Networking all Plays Into Influence Marketing

Connecting with Brands

 Grow Your Business with Triberr: #6 Influence MarketingTriberr is now one of the new and upcoming websites that can and WILL connect you to brands. If you want to get noticed, you really do need to connect with the online websites that can link you to these companies.

Although it's always a benefit to connect individually and one on one, the online marketing world is competitive today.

Utilizing the many online platforms that can assist in connecting you to these brand company businesses can benefit you greatly!

Brand Ambassadors – Understanding this Title!

What is a brand ambassador? A brand ambassador is a person hired by a company to market and promote their business or product.

For example, if you were hired as a brand ambassador for Old Navy, you would represent them by wearing their brand clothing, endorsing their name, engaging in others through a promotional campaign and influence others to buy their brand clothing.

Think of yourself as a promotional spokesperson because that is what you are. As a brand ambassador, you and the company you represent make a committed agreement together to succeed at a goal in working together to accomplish the goal you have strategized upon. 

Influence Marketing Campaigns – What is it?

Influence Marketing, also known as Social Influence Marketing (SIM) is a method used by businesses today where the everyday persons and websites are hired to meet a companies campaign marketing goals. Let me explain a bit further.

Companies now recognize that individuals in the online world who have large influence through blogs, podcasting, YouTube, microblogging and vlogging now have a leverage in influencing mass amounts of the public. 

"Regular People" in today's online world are able to influence customers for companies when they have a large amount of influence. An individual's influence in the online world can be warranted by the amount of comments they receive, the quality of the content they produce on a blog, the depth of response they get from family photos on a social media platform. It is this type of media influence that determines how much leverage someone has in social influence marketing. The more influence they have, the higher the possibility they can attract customers to a company which hires them as a social influence marketer.

In today's world, if you have this kind of influence, you are a key publisher for a company to pay attention to.

Celebrity Influence vs Online Influence! Are you today's Celebrity?

Justin BieberIn today's world, much influence is done by online influence. There are many types of celebrities; TV, Movie, Radio, Sports and yes, even Online! Several of today's music and TV celebrities even got their big breaks from first starting out as an online celebrity. One of the biggest celebrities known for this is Justin Bieber.

This also works both ways. Many TV celebrities have now crossed over to being online celebrities.

A few that come to mind are Brooke Burke, Tori Spelling and Lauren Conrad to name a few. So, like it or not, the bigger influence you become online, the more you become the next up and coming online celeb! Sound strange?

Well, I can think of many online influencers who are now becoming recognized on the street. Darron Rowse of is one of them. Pewdiepie and Shane Dawson of YouTube are a couple that teens would spot in a second. 

Influence like this clearly brings about a better understanding of just how powerful and how much leverage the online world can make to a company. It's your decision how much influence you want to make. The more leverage you have, the more jobs you will land.

You truly do have the potential to be a future spokesperson if you want to be. 

The Change in Today's Media World

 Grow Your Business with Triberr: #6 Influence Marketing

With everything I have shared in the earlier context of this eSeries, I think you can see how today's media world has changed.

It's not just about television commercials anymore. In addition, businesses and brands now know that there is more to advertising today than just magazine/newspaper ads. Radio is also not the only way to get noticed. Media is now moving to online power influencers.

The larger your network and more impact you have online, the better chance you have to get a company's attention.

This is how Triberr can help.

Triberr now works with companies to link them to some of today's top online influencers.

Companies want to see how great of a reach these influencers have PLUS what their niche network is about. One of the current company's running a campaign on Triberr probably doesn't want to pay a large amount of money out to a fashion network when they are targeting those with a tech/app background.

Their focus may be more centered around those who are leaders in online business growth and technology websites.

Maybe not, why don't you hop on over to the Triberr campaign page and find out.



How Businesses and Non-Profits Find Influencers

Most businesses today, have paid staff who spend a large amount of their time finding influencers, working on social media platforms and working within the marketing and public relations departments of the company.

Connecting with this staff and sharing a few key ideas as to how you might be able to provide them with a campaign to influence future customers for them is exactly what they want to hear.

Keep in mind that these businesses often get hundreds of emails each day. It's worth it to take the time to come up with a few unique ideas for each company versus sending them some bland generic email that will make them yawn. After all, they have basically read the same thing in the other hundred or so emails. 

How Networking All Plays Into Influence Marketing – Be a Part of a Group Cause

Grow Your Business with Triberr: #6 Influence MarketingRemember back in some of the earlier segments where I talked about Networking and Massive Reach how I shared that much of all this is going to all fall together. Well, this is one of those segments where I can tell you this all over again. The network you build is going to play a huge factor in the level of influence you have to businesses.

Imagine you have a network reach of 12 million on Twitter alone and your network is filled with those with food blogs and websites. You can bet that Kraft is much more interested in the influence you have rather than myself who coaches on leadership and development, don't you think? Your food network is going to be promoting them to readers who like to cook and will be purchasing food products for the recipes they are reading about. 

However, you can bet that I was able to get ATT's attention back when I contacted the Regional VP of Marketing when they were getting ready to launch the "IT CAN WAIT" campaign to speak out on the cause of no texting and driving.

As an influencer in healthy living, families and development, I was able to impress them with an added list of key topics to promote their campaign. So much so that I was emailed that my campaign email was transferred to their national office.

You see, if you take the time to do a unique pitch and build your network and reach up, you can have influence. OK-no need to preach to the choir here, I am sure you get the picture.

Now go get noticed.

You have many of the tools you need to get it done. You got this! You are an online superstar, remember???

Next Segment – Land More Jobs on Twitter by Using Triberr
Find out how Triberr can actually help you to land more jobs on Twitter. Plus, I am going to answer that question many have and are puzzled with as to how Triberr can actually be a great tool for those who don't have blogs or websites of their own.

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