The Secret To Creating Captivating Social Media Videos


The Secret To Creating Captivating Social Media Videos

We have all seen or shared a funny, enigmatic, weird or inspirational video on social media.

The amount of images circulating there seems to be increasing, videos are the current trend. But of course, not all the videos posted get the attention or the “likes” they are intended to get.

So why is it that some of them compel audiences and others don’t?

Although, it’s almost impossible to predict the video’s success on social media, there are a few steps that can help to create a captivating video on social media.

Mesmerizing Images

First of all, the cover image is that first impression that draws our attention. So make sure that cover image is either beautiful, excellent, astonishing, or simply enchanting for some reason. The first image will definitely make the difference between deciding to click play or to continue scrolling the website. And don’t let the audience down with the rest of the images.

Time is Valuable

Second, remember the phrase “keep it simple”? Well for videos, we would say “Keep it short.” A captivating video on social media shouldn’t be a film. It shouldn’t have to trouble a busy person. Remember most of the time, people access social media in a break to relax from their multiple, stressful tasks.


Third, convey something significant for people; say something meaningful. That doesn’t mean complicated, nor transcendental. Lots of successful videos talk about day-to-day issues or even jokes.

So think about your audience and how you want them to react. Just think about the things that appeal or affect you in a personal and emotional way. Those are probably the same things that appeal and affect others.

Remember people are more interested in ideas than in products.



Engage your audience by asking them a question as part of your video. Let them participate especially since they are capable of doing that through the social media. Let them even have a conversation with you, with the people involved in the video or the rest of the audience. Interaction is key.

If your audience is engaged with your video, they will share it, post it, review it, etc.

Stand Out

So it’s not only about images. It’s also about catchy titles, clever comments, unusual styles, cute and funny characters. It’s about making people notice. Don’t keep your video average, so if everyone is posting videos about dogs, you should post one about giraffes. Unexpectedness always stands out.


Social media is the opportunity to encounter with hundreds of thousands, quickly and effectively even with a very low cost video.

Creating a video is no longer an issue; excellent technology is in our hands through an ordinary device, as a cell phone. The reality is that people are not expecting to see a super production in their social media site. It is more of a matter of what you are going to communicate and how you will do it.

So although captivating an audience is an unknown secret, it is worth the try. Sometimes it requires posting it several times through lots of channels, sometimes it just depends on who shares it. Whichever the case you have the possibility of making a viral success.


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