The Reasons Why Average Marketing Campaigns Fail

The Reasons Why Average Marketing Campaigns Fail

JohnDelaveraby John Delavera

There are marketing companies across the globe that do a very good job and help their clients see real results.

There are not many, however, that can claim powerhouse, household-name campaigns and products to their credit.

The reason for this is generally found in the approach the best of the best take to marketing. Experts that cultivate marketing for some of the world’s best-known companies and products tend to know a few secrets that others do not. They approach marketing in a wholly different way and reach out to consumers on a different level.

So, why is it that some marketing efforts produce good results, but others catapult products into the public eye and hold them there? The answer is often found in what typical marketing campaigns might lack. While they can and do make sales and have a positive impact on a company, they often lack in the features that can really make them shine. The reality is that for serious, runaway successes to occur, marketing must go beyond the safe, standard and tried-and-tested. Even the best of standard marketing campaigns might fail to attract the attention desired because they often do not:

  • Take a holistic approach – Marketing a single product is often not enough to really sell it. Even if the campaign is solid, it can fall short if the company is not included in the mix. Some of the best-known marketing efforts nationally and even internationally are far reaching in nature. They promote not only a particular product, but also a company and even a way of life. Image and people’s perception of that image are everything in successful marketing. Successful products and their makers are synonymous by design, not chance.
  • Take chances – Many marketing campaigns are designed to play it safe. The goal is to sell a product; not catapult it into every household possible. Risk-taking is a way of life for some of the most successful companies. Their campaigns go beyond the tested and the results show. If cards have been played right on the holistic approach to advertising, even a bad campaign can produce positive results.
  • Reach out on multiple levels – Safe marketing campaigns will often sell a product solely on its merits. Advertisements and commercials speak to the features and appeal to consumers’ logic. These campaigns can and do sell, but they are not likely to produce huge results. To really enjoy success, marketing efforts must reach out to people on levels that go beyond logic and reason. Appealing to people’s emotions, the things that influence them and even the symbols they trust and recognize can make all the difference in the world. Highly successful marketers know these things and plan accordingly.

Playing it safe with marketing can produce moderate and even pleasing results. Average campaigns, however, are not likely to take a product and make it an incredible success. Standard marketing fails on this front because it lacks the ability to sell on multiple levels. The world’s best marketers know how to sell not only products, but also emotions and even lifestyles.

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