The Price Of Internet Marketing Success

The Price Of Internet Marketing Success

From Willie Crawford.

Willie Crawford

One Summer, back when I was a college student, I sold reference books door-to-door working for a company named “Southwestern Publishing Company.” My territory was some fairly rough neighborhoods in Baltimore and Philadelphia.

That Summer taught me a lot about sales, and a lot about “the price of success.”

A recent trip to the Philippine, where we all took cold showers, brought back memories of that Summer job.

You see, one of the expressions that I memorized, and lived by while selling books door-to-door was “Successful People Do Things That Unsuccessful People Don’t Like To Do.” So to get ourselves accustomed to doing things that many people didn’t like to do, we forced ourselves to take cold showers every morning.

There is a lot of truth in that saying, so let’s look at it a little further.

First of all we have to admit that many of the things that unsuccessful people don’t like doing are also things that successful people initially don’t like to do. They Simply force themselves to do them over and over again until they become habit.

One such thing is risking rejection. Most of us don’t like having our feelings hurt, so we don’t ask for things as often as we should out of fear of rejection.

Successful people learn to risk rejection and not to take it personally. For example, an internet marketer may need to ask numerous “bigger named” marketers for a joint venture, realizing that MOST of them will say no. He has to learn not to take that as a rejection of him, but as just a rejection of his offer.

Most of us don’t like being ridiculed, yet successful people learn to attempt things that might lead to them being ridiculed. They are less afraid of taking calculated risk, and realize that ridicule might be one of the prices of success.

I had a coach once who pointed out to me that most well-known authors first wrote several books that flopped. It was often not until that third book that they had a best-seller.

He taught me that if you study many of the most successful people you can think of, you’ll discover that they had several failures along the way. When I did this, I saw how true that was. Many of them had bankruptcies, failed projects, and often even spent time homeless, on their way to success.

When you see these big successes’ pictures plastered all over television and magazine covers, most people have no idea what it took them to get there. They had to take numerous big risks to get there, and not all of those risks turned out favorably!

My coach and mentor taught me that since I know a failure or two is likely on my way to massive success, I may as well get those out of the way. He used the expression “fail forward fast.”

When I look at the cost of mega-success I see two requirements:

1) Mega- successful people are not satisfied with being average. Average people just get average results.

2) Successful people often have to stretch their comfort zone. Since this entails doing something that is NOT comfortable, it also means that you have to learn this behavior. You learn it by taking little, uncomfortable, calculated risk time and time again.

You don’t take foolish risks, but you do have to force yourself to do things that average people won’t do. That is often the price of being above average.

Now, that you know the price of success, to include Internet marketing mega-success, you have to ask yourself, “Are you willing to pay the price?”


Willie Crawford is an internet marketing and traffic generation expert. He often distributes content (articles, videos, podcasts, and press releases) to generate highly targeted website traffic. To do that efficiently he uses the automated submission service that you’ll find at

To help you succeed Willie has created The Internet Marketing Inner Circle, a membership site where he frequently brainstorms solutions to problems such as those discussed in this article. Join that discussion for your success at TheInternetMarketingInnercircle.

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