The Office Of The 21st Century

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The Office Of The 21st Century

Remember the days of filing endless documents in a smoke filled office with the constant drone of a computer sounding like it’s about to take off in the background?

Fortunately the evolution of IT has allowed modern offices to evolve too and now they are less clustered with paper and a more work friendly environment.

That has been the case now for many years but another step in the evolution of the modern office has arrived and this one is inspired by the internet and file sharing devices.

The advancements in the internet and its widespread availability means that the world is now our office, let’s take a look at how and why your office should make some changes.

We Just Don’t Need To Be In The Same Room

There are lots of examples of businesses that do need their employees to be in the same room as each other but there are lots more that simply don’t. It’s a pretty alien concept to most of us who have spent years working in a traditional office.

However if you think about what you actually do you’ll probably see that you could do it from home just as easily. Many people see working from home as slacking off in some way but with modern file sharing technology and the feeling of a bit more freedom it is usually far more productive for the company employing them.

How Does It Work?

It’s simple, all you need is a good PC or laptop and a fast internet connection and you’re ready to work from home. Modern Microsoft Office software is designed to make file sharing easy so you can instantly share your work with those who need to see it and get or give any required feedback.

Then of course there’s lots of instant messaging tools available to exchange information and keep in regular communication. When you add that to traditional emailing and a company phone line then it becomes hard to argue against the benefits of working from home.

What If We Need To Have A Meeting?

This is a question that usually gets raised by employers who are sceptical about adopting a new approach to their office and it’s a valid concern. If you need to have a team meeting then you can simply dedicate some time for everyone to come in and meet or alternatively there are tools such SKYPE that allow you to communicate face to face without having to be in the same room.

Just because your employees work from home doesn’t mean that you never have to see them, you can still dedicate days for them to come in and meet face to face if you want.

What’s In It For The Bosses?

We can see the obvious benefits in this new working arrangement for employees who can work from the comfort of their own homes, save money on travelling expenses, get a better work/life balance and generally feel like they’ve been trusted with more freedom but what’s in it for their employers?

  • Firstly the employer will save money by not having to run a large office on a daily basis which can be very expensive when you take into account electricity costs, providing office equipment, updating chairs and tables, fixing computers, updating technology.
  • Then there are the other people they need to employ such as cleaners, security staff and maybe even cafeteria staff to provide their employees with a proper working environment.

It’s much easier for a new start-up company to hire people who have their own computers and can work from home, straight away you are avoiding huge overheads. Another benefit to the employer is that you can attract a better standard of employee.

A web design company for example will be able to attract people from all over the country and maybe even further afield to work for them remotely so they are not limited to their local area which may not have the calibre of people that they need for the job.

Remote working is set to become the norm in employment and so the modern office is set for some big changes. The age of the internet has changed the world and made it a much smaller place meaning that your office can now stretch across the world with employees being spread out everywhere yet still working in complete unison


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