Targeted Website Traffic Generation That Works Long-term

Targeted Website Traffic Generation That Works Long-term

From Willie Crawford.

Willie Crawford

I’ve been in business online since 1996, and have tried dozens of website traffic generation tactics. I’ve written ebooks on the topic that others have purchased the rights to so that they could create courses from them. Those course each generated multiple six-figure incomes!

I’ve also discovered that when you try to focus on too many different traffic generation tactics, you master none of them, so I only really, really focus on a few. I’ve mastered writing and publishing articles, and have personally written over 1300 – because they work.

I’ll make no secret of the fact that article marketing is my favorite free website traffic generation method. The reason is simply because webmasters, article directories, and ezine publishers all love giving their visitors quality, useful content. So they happily publish your articles – with your bi-line in the resource box.

Articles have worked for me long-term because when you write and publish a good article, it will be published in many places, and the search engines will also discover it posted online. That article then generates a steady stream of website visitors for you, sometimes for years.

As the internet evolved, and bandwidth became more affordable, audio and video also grew in popularity. I decided to repurpose many of my articles, creating podcasts and videos from the same content.

Sometimes I just read articles, turning them into MP3’s.

Sometimes I just created slides of the key concepts in articles. Then I turned those narrated slides into PowerPoint presentations which I recorded and turned into short videos.

I submitted those podcasts and videos to leading podcast and video sites that get millions of visitors.

I did create many original, new audios and videos, but I wanted to make the point that once you have the content you can just output it in different formats. I’ve done that numerous times. Do the work once and then use it over and over again.

Some people prefer reading, others prefer listening, and still others prefer watching. If you don’t give the content to them in their preferred method of consuming it, you miss a huge portion of your audience.

As video grew in popularity, something else also happened… Google often rated videos on a topic higher than articles on the same topic for a given keyword. That increased my use of video.

While studying how Google ranks content, it was also pointed out to me that Google ranked “news” such as press releases very high. Press releases often out-ranked article, podcasts, and videos for the same keywords. So press releases often appeared at the very top of the listings. My mastermind team deduced that it may be because Google considers news time-sensitive.

That increased my use of simple, to-the-point press releases, that also told my audience of my expertise on a give topic (keyword).

I’ve discovered that creating article, press releases, podcasts, and videos generates a steady stream of free highly-targeted, long-term website traffic – VERY effectively.

This traffic is targeted because, when someone clicks-thru after consuming your content they are pre-sold on you. You’ve already demonstrated your expertise to that visitor. They arrive wanting more – and ready to follow your suggestions.

It’s free traffic as oppose to you having to pay as much as several dollars per visitor when you use pay-per-clicks. This traffic is, in my opinion, better than pay-per-click traffic because, again, they arrive pre-sold on you.

As I ramped up my use of articles, press releases, podcasts, and videos, I also looked for ways to automate my submissions. Visiting dozens of sites each time I wrote an article, created a podcast or video, or wrote a press release was simply too tedious.

I did consider outsourcing content distribution, but found that using sites that allow you to automate the distribution yourself allowed the degree of control that I insisted upon.

While my content is created with search engine optimization in mind, I write primarily for my readers. I’m seeking to demonstrate my expertise and then attract website visitors pre-sold on that expertise – buyers.

After trying numerous solutions, I now use and highly recommend Easy Push Button Traffic. EPBT submits to numerous sites in a totally white-hat method that will get you lots of inbound links and traffic long-term. On top of that EPBT costs only 1/4th as much as it’s nearest competitor which uses many “questionable” tactics.

You’ll find EPBT at

I’ve just shared with you my favorite, most effective free website traffic generation method. After being online since 1996, and trying “the latest and greatest” numerous times, I’ve not discovered anything better.

It’s free, effective, and something anyone can do. It also doesn’t come with the risk of methods such as pay-per-click (where you can lose thousands of dollars on a campaign if you’re not careful).

Now that you know my “secret” all you need to do is use it too. Website traffic generation need not be complicated.


Willie Crawford is one of the world’s leading internet marketing experts, and a proven expert at website traffic generation. You only need to “google” his name to verify his expertise. For easy traffic generation, Willie highly recommends

To help you succeed Willie has created The Internet Marketing Inner Circle, a membership site where he frequently brainstorms solutions to problems such as those discussed in this article. Join that discussion for your success at TheInternetMarketingInnercircle.

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