Symbolism Is More Powerful Than You Think

Symbolism Is More Powerful Than You Think

JohnDelaveraby John Delavera

Authors have long relied on the power of symbolism to guide readers down certain paths. They use this incredibly strong, but subtle force to nudge readers into felling compassion for certain characters, eliciting disdain for others and even for helping with the suspension of disbelief.

Just what is it about symbolism that drives people to feel, respond and act in certain ways?

Symbols have been used by people since the beginning of time to quickly and effectively relay messages, play on emotions and even elicit active responses. Some symbols have long held messages that almost never change. Others are in a constant state of flux, but can prove effective for certain purposes nonetheless.

Just as authors use symbols to drive their stories forward, marketers can also use them to motivate sales, build trust and even turn average products into top sellers. When the right symbols are used on products, on packaging or in advertising campaigns, they can say more than words.

Mastering the art of using symbolism in marketing is not an overnight process. There are secrets to garnering the type of response desired. When the right symbols are displayed in the proper manner, they can drive efforts forward and move consumers to act. The end result can make the work involved in uncovering the secrets very worthwhile.

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