Switching My Blog Comments To Disqus

Switching My Blog Comments To Disqus

By Ralf Skirr.

UPDATE MARCH 2012: I've changed my internet business blog to a new WordPress theme, and the Disqus comments didn't look nice. So, for now, I'm disabling disqus. Maybe I'll come back to adjust the comments CSS, so that disqus will look ok, after everything else is working fine. At first, other theme changes have priority.

Original post:

I just replaced wordpress comments with Disqus.

In case you never heard of it: it's a service that allows users to post comments to a web site and, at the same time, get these comments posted to their social profiles, like Facebook or Twitter. There are more features, but the core for me is connecting comments on this blog with social networking sites.

I considered this several times in the past, but never did it. Mostly because I thought I would lose my Disqus comments once I might decide to revert back to wp's comment system. That is not true anymore, since Disqus will synchronize the comments with the wordpress database. Cool!

What made me change my mind …

… was using Disqus today not as webmaster, but as commenter on other sites. Really nice how the comments show up in Facebook, and get interaction that wouldn't happen otherwise.

I did some research about alternatives and finally chose Disqus. It's clearly the most popular, and thus has the best chances for a long live and future improvements. Others might have some bells and whistles, but that means nothing if they go out of business.

I made that mistake back in 2007 when I used a more sophisticated blog software for my Internet Business Blog (the one you're reading right now). It was a great tool, but simply didn't have a chance against the fast and innovative progression of wordpress. So later I switched my blog to wordpress. Lesson learned: go with market leaders!

So, I'm giving the Disqus comment system a try!

Please help testing my new comment system.

I still wonder if there will be any mess with my wp theme. Please help me test the installation by posting a comment, especially also a nested comment, i.e. replying to an existing comment.

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