Dead Simple Steps To Making Your Website Content Go Viral…


Dead Simple Steps To Making Your Website Content Go Viral…

On the internet content is definitely king. It can be hard for you to get your stuff noticed though, because you're facing so much competition.

  • You can create the best content there is.
  • You can spend a long time putting in the research.
  • You can spend a long time making sure your content solves people’s problems or that it provides a lot of value.
  • You can do the best you can to make your content engaging.

But in the end none of this might be enough to get it noticed. If your goal is to get your content to go viral, then this is going to be even tougher.

There are several reasons why written content doesn't go viral easily:

  1. People generally do not share written content as much as different forms of multimedia.
  2. Plus because of how short people’s attentions spans are on the internet it is less likely they will read a whole article when they can listen to audio or watch a video instead.
  3. Written content won't go viral when people don't make it easy for readers to share it. You would not believe how many people out there still do not have social sharing buttons on their websites to make it simple for people to share their stuff.

In order for you to make content go viral on your website you need to focus on a few things that people look for. Now you might not want to do these things, but they work!

The bulk of your content for your website might not be that good. But it doesn’t always have to be. I am sure you have seen articles that went viral and they were not the greatest in the world. Well why do you think these articles went viral?

Chances are the writer did a few things right.

The writer took the time to create a headline that jumped out at people.

The headline could make a bold promise or simply say something that was controversial. In any case it compelled people to click over. Headlines are important and they are like the door to the rest of your content.

If you can master creating headlines that really grab people's attention your website content will have a much better chance at going viral.

The writer made sure the first paragraph pulled people in so good that they couldn't stop reading, even if they wanted to.

Remember, on the internet it is hard to get people to stay focused for very long. Your introduction has to be very powerful.

It has to make people believe that the time they will have to invest reading the rest will be worth it.

The writer said something that might have offended people or really proved to help them.

The bottom line is, only when a piece of content is able to affect a person in any kind of way it is going to have a chance to go viral. You might think it is a bad thing for an article to get attention for the wrong reasons, but in some cases it can lead to six figure traffic. The same goes with content that actually provides a real solution.

Does the content you create for your website follow the ideas mentioned above? If not, then it’s easy to fix.

But these are not the only things you can do.

Sometimes you create content that misses two primary components.

What do you believe they are?

  1. The content is not based on something that's hot at the moment.
  2. There is no one well known in your niche who is cosigning it.

One of the best ways for you to make your website content go viral would be to research what is hot at the moment within your niche. There are always topics people find relevant at the moment. Take the time to do some research. Find something controversial or entertaining in the news. Do your best to be the first person to write about it.

The second approach is even better, but harder. People who are already established within a niche are able to send a lot of traffic. If you write something and a niche celebrity puts their stamp of approval on it, it will multiply your readership. Your article will have a much better chance at going viral.

In the end the best way to get your content go viral is to package it in different ways. Not everyone wants to spend a long time on the internet reading things.

  1. You can create videos for your content and add them to your article.
  2. Consider turning your articles into audio files.
  3. Add info graphics. Info graphics are very popular and they are a great way to condense information.

Getting written content to go viral does not have to be hard. If you work at it then you can have more than a few successes over a certain time frame.

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