Split Testing Your Way To Success!

Split Testing Your Way To Success!

By Ralf Skirr.

How often have you gone to a marketing or copywriting forum and heard someone talk about split testing?

People ask for sales letter reviews and advice on how they should set up their site to be successful.

  • How does my headline look?
  • Is this a good price to sell my product?
  • What kind of font should I use?
  • What’s the best ending digit for a price?
  • Should I send them to an opt-in page first, or send them straight to my sales letter?
  • Will a picture of me help to add more credibility and lead to more sales?
  • Should I use a header graphic?

And what’s the answer that marketing veterans and novices alike always give in response?

You guessed right!

“Test it.”

And while that answer is the right one for those types of questions,

  • it’s amazing to me how many people know about split testing and still don’t practice what they preach.
  • Still others know they should test but have no idea how to do it properly.

I’m not an expert on split testing. I’ve gotten better at it with practice, as will you. I’m also not an expert in statistics.

The nice thing about split testing is that it doesn’t require a lot of marketing know-how to do it. Neither do you have to be an expert in “statistical mathematical experiments”, or even software engineering.

Anyone with a few basic tools and a solid understanding of the basics can increase his profits using split testing.

Here the ‘ol cliché is true: it ain’t rocket science.

There is software available for your website that will automate much of the split testing process, letting you concentrate on the big picture.

The purpose of this ‘split testing’ category at internet business mastermind is to give you the bigger picture of split testing.

My split testing articles will explain the simple concepts for beginners, as well as giving you in depth ideas if you have already mastered the basics.

Once you get it, go out, get the tools, and skyrocket your profits.

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