Social Profiles To QR Codes: Modern Day Additions To Traditional Business Cards

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Social Profiles To QR Codes: Modern Day Additions To Traditional Business Cards

Business cards are still a thriving marketing tool even in today’s technological world.

One reason why business cards are still effective is that they allow you to quickly share contact details with another person without having to stop your current conversation. This enables you to continue to explain the benefits your business could provide a potential customer or client while still giving them your pertinent contact info.

However, some new modern day additions to traditional business cards are making them even more effective marketing tools. Incorporating these features into your business card can help improve the success you see when using them as a marketing tool.

Social Profiles

While you will certainly still want to list your phone number, email address and business address on your business card, you should add your social media handles as well to inform other people of your profiles and make it easy for them to follow your accounts. The more people you have following your social media profiles, the more effective they will be when using them to market your business.

QR Codes

QR codes, or quick response code, are another modern day addition that many professionals are adding to their business cards. A QR code is in essence a bar code that contains a lot more information than a standard bar code. They can be scanned with a smartphone to read the contents of that code. Many businesses are placing their contact information, along with other information about their business and services, within a QR code to allow for more information to be stored on their card.

Also, with a QR code added to your business card, you allow someone the opportunity to easily transmit your contact info from a printed business card to their smartphone with the click of a button rather than having to type in all of your information manually. By scanning your QR code, someone will be able to store your business information very easily for future reference.

Online Business Cards

In addition to printed business cards, some professionals are creating online business cards to supplement their physical cards. If you have a QR code on your business card, you can include a link to your online version which can contain a digital portfolio of your work or simply explain in greater detail what your business or company can do for a potential client.

Being able to redirect someone from your physical business card to an online, digital version that contains more information can be invaluable when trying to describe exactly how your business can help a customer or client.

While physical business cards are still very effective marketing tools, there are some modern day additions you should consider adding to your cards to make them even more effective. Adding your social media handles, QR codes and a link to an online business card will allow you to provide potential customers and clients with all of the important contact information and information about your company’s services in a quick, concise manner.

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