So You Want To Be An Entrepreneur?

So You Want To Be An Entrepreneur?

So You Want To Be An Entrepreneur?

Many of us dream of being our own boss. Imagine choosing your own working hours, working by your rules and having to answer only to yourself.

It is a fantasy of many, but it is possible to make this fantasy a reality.

It takes hard work, dedication and commitment but the calm after the storm really is worth all the stress that you have to deal with at the beginning.

If you are ready to become an entrepreneur here are the steps to success.

Solidify Your Idea

Before you do anything else you need to have a solid idea in place. This shouldn’t be a final business plan, but a clear idea that is open to moulding and adjustments.

Be clear about what it is your business will do, how you will do it and why it is something that is needed and something that others will pay for. Will your idea make you money?

Once this is in place you can begin to tweak and change elements when necessary working towards your final plan.

Market Research

Market research is essential to any new business. The suggestions and thoughts of others will help you put together the most powerful model possible.

Indentify who you think your target market would be, this may be more than one group. Organise an event where you can run your business model by people to receive feedback, ideas and most importantly whether they would use your services or buy your product or not.

This is also a great opportunity to finalise your target market and begin to really understand their needs.

Finalise Your Plan

So You Want To Be An Entrepreneur? - Finalise Your PlanUsing your market research you can now finalise your plan. Apply any ideas that stood out from the focus group, alter anything people didn’t like and neaten up any rough edges.

Your final plan should include- Budgets, marketing plans, resources needed, targets, plans for your business premises/website etc, branding and any other details you know need to be clear and set in stone before you launch.

Market Your Business

Marketing before you launch is essential. You need to start to build interest and excitement around the launch of your brand before it happens.

Start to get your name out there by using social media marketing. Gain followers on sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. When you do launch you can offer your followers a special introductory rate as a thanks for getting your social media sites going. Use your social media sites to announce the launch of your website too.

Time To Launch

So You Want To Be An Entrepreneur?After all this planning and hard work it’s time to launch with a bang.

Throw a party, invite friends and family, social media followers and most importantly potential customers and clients.

Focus on having a good time to celebrate finally launching, but also remember this is the first contact for many with your new company. Hand out business cards and leaflets detailing what you do, contact details and social media sites. Maybe include an introductory offer to those who attended and of course at the end make a speech!

You’re an entrepreneur now; you need to have your business brain on at all times. 

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