Size Doesn’t Matter With Email Security


Size Doesn’t Matter With Email Security

Looking for comprehensive solutions for modern technical challenges is something can be both simple and complex.

Just consider email for a business or company.

It is fairly easy.

The business has its server, uses the email features available, installs a few security options, and all is well, right?

Unfortunately, the correct answer is "wrong".

Managing Email for Business isn't That Simple

Though a lot of server hosts would like their clients to believe that email options are that easy, the reality is that there are many other things that go on and that can lead to problems. Such as:

  • Emails that arrive with embedded viruses;
  • Spam that looks convincingly like real email;
  • Attachments from trusted sources that are actually infected; and
  • No ways of recovering accidentally deleted messages.

This is barely scraping the surface of the problems that can be associated with business or professional email.

And often, the solutions to these dilemmas can involve the use of IT professionals and costly software packages that have to be carefully installed and set at just the right functions to deliver the best results.

This makes many wonder if there isn't just an easier solution to the problem – no matter how large or small the business in question. The answer is email security.

Finding a Comprehensive Answer To Email Security

size-doesnt-matter-with-email-securityEmail security services are designed to provide a relatively easy answer to those who face the many challenges of professional email management. For example, let's take a look at a large company with hundreds of employees using email each day.

This firm has work stations for each employee. They are each given an email account and security software is installed on each machine.

This is meant to identify spam or viruses in "real time" and to warn that employee about the potentially harmful content in a file or email message.

Now, that sounds like a reasonable solution, but it is open to a lot of potential problems.

  • For example, what if an employee ignores the warning? This could unleash a virus that hits the entire network and causes a huge number of problems.
  • What if the problem enters the system even before the employee opens the attachment in the email? For instance, what if there is a harmful code embedded in the email and this is triggered as soon as the employee opens that email?
  • Additionally, what if an employee's behaviors on that computer end up bringing a lot of threats into the system? How could the network administrator know exactly who is creating these risks and problems?

The answer is found in comprehensive email security services.

Easy Answers for Tough Challenges

size-doesnt-matter-with-email-securityThe use of high tech email security services means that there is no guesswork or technical mastery required to install an optimized security system.

Instead, the entire system works by redirecting every piece of email to a filtration system. The multi-part filters read the digital content of any email and quarantine messages with potentially harmful materials. These filters are also trained to recognize spam, and spammy items too.

Only when messages are cleared for access to the company's email server are they forwarded. These security systems also make it possible to create a report on every email account in order to identify those who are generating the most spam or problematic messages.

Truly good email security also has the ability to accept instructions from each email addressee in order to help streamline the filtration process, making it more efficient even as it upholds the security and stability of the company network.

Ralf Skirr Ralf Skirr's comment: Great topic! It's not sexy, of course, we'd rather read about less frustrating issues. Businesses (except for large companies) almost always don't bother about security unless AFTER something happened.

I see this with my own small business clients. The only moment a client ever brings up the topic of security is when they are in midst of a crisis.

But: Cyber threads are increasingly targeting small businesses.

At the same time, consumers are more aware of problems and are less forgiving when something goes wrong.

Use this article as an occasion to stop for a moment and review the measures you've implemented so far.

Is it enough?



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