Sex, Crime And Vampires: What Will Readers Fall For Next?

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Sex, Crime And Vampires: What Will Readers Fall For Next?

Book clubs have collected their fair share of risqué stories in the past year, but now the addiction for the scandalous seems to have waned, as the sales of other genres are on the rise.

After a few years filled with vampires, werewolves, and arrogant businessmen with weird fetishes, there has been a return to the normal topics of murder mysteries, crime thrillers and romances. 

It seems that the best sellers are returning to reality as much, as fiction allows.

While some authors of vampiric and fetish fiction have become overnight millionaires, it is not that easy to publish a fringe book. After the first successful Harry Potter book was published, there were other authors that tried to imitate J.K. Rowling, but with less success. They may have made some money, but they certainly didn’t achieve her level of fame. Certain authors are synonymous with their genres and they have made themselves household names writing about topics that were previously not even popular.

Niche is not easy

It’s not easy to break into a publishing niche, as many writers have found. Writers who aspire to publish their “different” stories should look at many publishing houses, and persevere in their attempts to get their book printed and on the shelves. Few authors are successful the first time they approach a publisher and it takes persistence, talent and luck to be a successful writer.

Who knows what the next popular topic will be?

While most readers tend to stick with their preferred genres, they will always be curious to scan the new book that tops the best seller lists, and many want to examine the writing styles and topics of new authors that rise to fame.

Just like the music industry, one hit wonders are common among authors, but it does not mean that their novel is not a classic. Just like those songs that stick in one's head, the novels of unknown authors have a lasting impact. These novels are inspiring because they have a different voice and theme.

A publishing house that publishes such a novel will have done research, so that they are confident that the risk will bring relatively profitably returns.

But they might require writers to revisit their books several times with several suggested edits. In this way, publishers refine the selection process and make books more reader-friendly. It’s then up to readers to choose the type of book that grabs their attention and form their own opinion.

Supply and demand

Many specialised book clubs are being formed on various subjects, and there is a demand for all types of novels and non-fiction books.

  • Christian book clubs are becoming common, with readers consuming both fiction and non-fiction accounts of Christian life and history.
  • Fantasy and science-fiction book clubs focus on the alternate reality and have varied interests.
  • There has been a move away from traditional romances and Mills and Boon-type sagas to more real-life relationships where the couple does not always ride away into the sunset on a horse. Readers are spoiled for choice with many options in the romance category and there is something for every reader to fall in love with.

While there will always be a popular topic that will introduce new authors to the famous writer's circle, there are also the same authors who churn out good books for a few years.

For example, most book clubs will have a collection of Jeffrey Archer, James Patterson, and Dan Brown books. A mixture of old and new authors and a variety of plots and plans make book clubs different at every meeting. The book exchange process also makes the cost of new books a bit cheaper when people share a particular novel. The wine also helps the discussion of the book that is being dissected. 

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