SEO Cartoon: The Terrifying BS-Emitter

SEO Cartoon: The Terrifying BS-Emitter

By Ralf Skirr.

SEO Cartoon

The problem with spinning is that a lot of 'authors' (if they deserve the name) use automated methods to replace words with synonyms. The result is crap like shown above.

The only way to create spins that are readable in all versions, is to do it manually. To be honest, if you want to create a high quality seed article, it's a tedious process that takes hours and hours per article.

I don't use spinning myself (I'm too lazy), I rather rewrite the article, write completely new articles, and usually don't mass-submit to hundreds of sites.

Upon popular demand, though, we have created a variation of our article rewriter tool. Aptly called the free article spinner tool. It's basically the same tool, except that you can enter multiple sentence rewrites at once and that the result is displayed in spin syntax.

You'll create sentence based rewrites, giving you a much better starting point for later MANUALLY replacing synonyms using tools like The Best Spinner.

Comment Quiz: Can You Find The Original Sentence?

Your modus operandi for World Wide Web documents positioning
triumph: Report advertising marketing and visitor running a blog.

Can you reverse engineer the sentence? What was the original sentence before the automatic spinner made its synonym replacements? (Look at the cartoon, we placed a few hints.)

Let us know in the comments!

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