Secrets To Marketing Success Uncovered

Secrets To Marketing Success Uncovered

JohnDelaveraby John Delavera

While it is important to have a good product or service to offer, this is often just not enough to realize major sales upon release. When a runaway hit is desired, planning needs to go well beyond the actual product. In many cases, success or failure is determined not necessarily by the item offered to consumers but the manner in which it is offered to them. Marketing, in short, can make or break a product. It can also make or break a company.

Products that sell incredibly well are very often not the best of their kind out there. They might not even be the most reasonably priced. Still, people will line up to get them and even feel compelled to purchase them. In many cases, consumers believe they have to have a particular product to be happy. They might not even really need the product and they might even see a better one as they are on the way to make the purchase, yet their cash will be plunked down for item X no matter what.

If you are ready to exercise this kind of marketing power to the benefit of your own products and services, you need to look at the secrets that highly successful marketers use every day.

Marketing efforts that manage to turn a decent product into one that people think they cannot live without target consumers in a slightly different way. On the surface the ads used might look the same as all others, but pay close attention and the differences will stand out. Marketers that enjoy runaway successes tend to speak to consumers on a different level than just run of the mill good marketers will.

When real success out of marketing is desired, it is important to understand these things about human beings:

* People have innate triggers they will respond to – Just as most animals will fiercely protect their young and some animals will migrate during set seasons and travel to set places, people are also preprogrammed in many ways. When marketing campaigns trigger the right programming cues, people will respond.

* People act on emotions – Marketing campaigns that are designed to elicit certain emotions or desires can enjoy huge success. When people believe a product will help them look like the people in the commercials, enjoy the same level of happiness displayed on a screen or have the same level of appeal to the opposite sex, they will make purchases.

* People respond to symbols – The language of symbols is one that has been used by people for eons. When marketing campaigns use the right symbols to elicit trust, desire or emotions, consumers tend to respond by opening their wallets.

These are just a few of the truths about people that highly successful marketing campaigns are built around. When campaigns reach out and speak to people on the innate or subconscious level, a runaway hit can be enjoyed. If they do not, even the best product of its kind might not enjoy runaway success.

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