How Recruiters Can Use Social Media To Find The Best Applicants

Why Recruiters And Social Media Aren’t As Bad As You Think

How Recruiters Can Use Social Media To Find The Best Applicants

Recruitment has evolved and changed significantly over the past few years.

The days of newspaper adverts and a faxed copy of a CV arriving on your desk are gone.

Head hunters, recruitment companies and agencies are turning to the web to fill open positions.

Many of these recruiters will opt touse social media, which is quickly becoming a favoured recruitment tool. Social media can help recruit for those niche roles, so why not use something different than the standard recruitment methods. 

During 2011, for example, 89% of companies used social media during their recruitment process, 65% of these companies found a successful applicant. Out of these companies

  • 45% used Twitter,
  • 80% used LinkedIn and
  • 50% used Facebook.

At the same time there are 14.4 million people searching for new positions using socialn networking.

Many recruitment agencies use social media sites mainly for head hunting, because they can easily read the person's profile and determine if they are right for the position available without putting them through a lengthy job interview process.

But will recruiters get the right facts from social media profiles, or will they misinterpret profiles as social media updates are not always as they seem.

Why Recruiters And Social Media Aren't As Bad As You Think If Recruiters use social media in the right way then they will not be badly known for harassing people through social streams.

Top Tips for Social Media Recruitment

Think about how to incoporate social media in your strategy.

There are companies that advertise job posts and accept applications through the standard procedures.

But then they turn to social media and check the applicant's profiles

  • to ensure the information provided is accurate,
  • to see how the applicant communicates online with friends and colleagues,
  • and to determine if there is anything they should know about the applicant in advance.

This has resulted in many failed applications.

So what can recruitment companies do better?

As a recruiter, you can use social media from beginning to end to find international talent or even executive sales managers. The advantage today is that many people work from home thanks to fast internet connections and have the ability to work from anywhere due to better international transport links. So when looking for international and executive talent, you may want to follow these simple tips::

1- Join industry pages on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a great international business networking tool and the more companies you follow relating to your own industry, the higher your chance of finding a suitable applicant. You can post about the position available, spark up topic debates and see what response you get. Through joining a simple industry page on a site like this, will make your reputation alone seem professional.

2- Invest in talent scouts. These can be employees in your company that have profiles on the site or people that you know. You as a recuiter do not have to actively hunt potential employees down, you can offer a current employee a referral fee for keeping their own followers updated on the positions available. You’ll be amazed how many interested parties you will find. A step further would be to hire someone to hit the social media scene, following top executives and scouting their potential talent is a discreter way of head hunting.  

Why Recruiters And Social Media Aren't As Bad As You Think - Twitter3- Twitter is also a favoured choice. Many people wonder how they could use a social media site which gives you a maximum of one hundred and forty words.

Statistics have proved that four Tweets a day with a minimum of one hundred words ranks high in the Tweets.

The more people you have reading your Tweets internationally the higher the success rate will be. 

4- On Facebook you can place a status update on your business page, you can invite people to apply as you would if you were planning an event and you can keep people updated through regular status reports. Integrate this further with Instagram and promote your job roles and positions available through creative art. Social media is not as bad as you think, it is not reptitive methods for recruitment, it is using social in a new creative direction. 

5- If you’re looking for an artist or photographer with digital skills, again why not use Instagram to your advantage. Instagram connects people around the world visually. Locating talent has never been easier through this networking stream and it could deliver the right employee to your company.

Why Recruiters And Social Media Aren't As Bad As You Think - The FutureSocial media is the future for recruitment and if you take full advantage of the main sites you can easily find the right international or executive candidate to join your company by approaching them in the right way!


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