Reaching Out In Times Of Need


Reaching Out In Times Of Need

The biggest part of SEO services is to connect with customers and build relationships giving them the encouragement to support your business. Sometimes, the role ends up reversed and the community may need support from businesses.

The world is full of tragedy, in the last year alone we have seen towns destroyed from storms, tragic losses through sink holes, and other tragedies that have rocked big and small towns across the globe.

In these times of troubles, businesses need to reach out to their community and offer them support, but doing so can be difficult for businesses.

These tips can help any business reach out to their community, the same way their community has reached out for them.

Show Commitment

In times of trouble, its not enough to just write an I am sorry card to the communities that support you, you have to put your neck out for the people who stick their neck out for you. The communities around you are what keep your business alive, so when they feel like they are drowning, it is your turn to save a life.

You don't have to cut a check or anything like that, but give a helping hand. When businesses and homes have collapsed in tragedy, give a helping hand with cleaning up the mess. The biggest hearts do the smallest gestures.

Show Value To Your Community

There are many ways to show your community you care by adding value. We have seen many businesses use these techniques by sponsoring charities in time of need, using all their business resources to give a helping hand. We have seen companies like tide offer laundry services for free using their resources and other businesses using the power of the public relations team to spread the word to raise money for a cause.

When businesses use their resources to add value to a community, they are using their SEO services and tools for someone else beside themselves, and it will reflect on the business later.

Size Does Not Matter

Many businesses think that they may not be able to help in times of tragedy because their business is not big enough. Even the smallest businesses can make a difference when there is a community in need; it all depends on how you do it.

  1. Some small companies have been known to donate their proceeds, offer services for local events, and even donate their products at no cost to assist those around them, when you have lost everything, even the smallest things help.
  2. Large corporations can help by using their marketing skills to help bring attention to the issue at hand. All major corporations have connections, so using those connections for a favor that doesn't benefit your business directly shows an unselfish act to the people who have always opened their wallet for you and made your business successful.

Every business no matter how big or small can give back to their community, even not-for-profit businesses can donate some of their volunteers to the cause to help communities in their time of need. Every little gesture, has a big impact.

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