What To Post & Not To Post On Instagram For Business


What To Post & Not To Post On Instagram For Business

When people first sign up for Instagram they may not know exactly how to use Instagram

Even though the app is easy to use, there are some things that are done that are not appropriate and that can actually lose followers rather than gaining more. 

If you are starting your own Instagram account for your business, the content is even more important than it would be for a personal account but some of the rules are the same. 

Below are some tips for posting photos on Instagram that will get more people following you. 

The Truth about Food

Images of foodWhile it is alright to post photos that show food, you don’t want these to be the only types of photos you have on your account.  It seems like everyone is posting their latest culinary creation and these photos can get quite boring. 

Unless you run a restaurant where you want to promote your specials, then leave the food posts off of your timeline.  Nobody really cares what you had for lunch and how it tastes.  These posts are in no way relevant to your brand either, unless again, your brand is food and then you really have no choice.

Controversial Photos

While controversy does sell, you may want to limit the number of these types of photos because you could lose followers.  Not everyone is going to agree with your stance so you need to remain neutral on the controversy. 

Only post photos that offer your viewers a look at your brand or the inner workings of your business.  Photos of employees in action are great and you also post photos of your employees at a charity or other type of event. 

Leave the controversy for you own private Instagram account and stay light and on topic for your business one. 

What You Should Post

What you really should be posting are

  • photos of your products and brand to let your viewers see what you have to offer. 
  • You can post photos of your employees at events and other places. 
  • Behind the scenes photos at work are also a great way to show your viewers the intimate side of your business. 
  • You can also post humorous photos to show your funny side and most people enjoy a good laugh and will like and share these types of photos most often.   
  • Finally, you ask your fans to post photos of them using your products in real life situations.

instagram video app screenshot

Instagram is a great marketing tool for businesses but if you do not know how to post the right photos then you are simply losing out.  You should never post photos that would be considered controversial in nature and always post positive or funny pictures of your brands and employees.  Finally, do not make the mistake of posting every single meal you cook or eat nobody really cares. 

If you follow these tips then you should not have any trouble gaining and keeping followers on your Instagram account.


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