The Perfect Starting Point For Your Internet Business

The Perfect Starting Point For Your Internet Business

By Ralf Skirr.

Have you been building an internet business, but it isn’t as successful as you’d like?

Then take a moment and read this article.

The intended effect: Complete freedom.

The side effect: You STOP wasting months or years of experimenting with business opportunities before you finally succeed.

Many people start their own business to gain freedom and control over their life.

If this is your motive to build a business, then it’s called a lifestyle business.

Today a lifestyle business can be built, easier than ever before in history, through the internet, by creating an internet business.

So, they say:

  • An internet business will bring you good money. Maybe more money than your day job.
  • It will give you the freedom of working when and where you want.
  • It will give you the power of living (and working) on your own terms.

Sounds good to you?

Well, for MANY gaining riches and freedom through an internet business is indeed a sexy proposition.

But MANY try, and FEW succeed.

Why is that so?

Let me tell you this: it’s really EASY to make money online.


… but at the same time it’s not likely that you (or anyone else) succeed right from the start. It’s possible, but not likely.

Very few are wonder boys or wonder girls who become an overnight success.

Breaking NEWS: These detours in business WILL cost you many years and tens of thousands of dollars. And they’ll happen, like it or not…

  • You’ll find out (through your own hard work and experience), that a lot of things simply don’t work. Even if others told you they would, they don’t.
  • You’ll probably spend some time (weeks, months, years) figuring out what you really want. What business is right for you?
  • You’ll start projects, that in the end you will want to drop.
  • You’ll be stopped dead in your tracks by unexpected obstacles.
  • You’ll waste your money on fraudulent business opportunities and stupid people.
  • You’ll spend time learning things that you never knew you’d have to learn.
  • You’ll create products and services that turn out to be a complete waste of time and money, except for the experience gained.
  • You’ll create beautiful things, only to find out that no one is interested.

The business opportunity promoters didn’t tell you that; did they?

But do you see how this will cost many years and thousands of dollars?

This is Part 1 of a 9-part article series that will explore how to create complete freedom through building your own internet business.

It’s meant to give you short cuts.

What I’m writing to you in this series is not written hastily. It’s not a quickie article.

It’s the essence of what I learned in 23 years of business.

  • It will save you months, years even, in getting where you want.
  • It will leverage successful principles; you’ll earn more money quicker.

Reading this series will not save you from gaining your own experience; it will not spare you from doing the work.

Reading this series will open your eyes about the hidden success factors in internet marketing.

  • You’ll see how to avoid the pitfalls,
  • how to save time and money,
  • how to grow a business that fits to your dreams.

Your starting point today?

Uncover the INNER purpose of your internet business!

(You’re already guessing there must be an OUTER purpose too…)

By ‘inner purpose’ I simply mean: What the business is meant to do for you.

It looks like soft talk at first, but defining the inner purpose:

  1. Will help you setting up your business efficiently.
  2. Will prevent you from losing one or two years every time your business is going off track.

The inner purpose is a description of what the business is meant to do for you, the business owner. It’s defining the freedom you want to achieve.

Each person has their own set of reasons to do the job or business they’re doing.

  • How does working in the comfort of your own home and spending more time with your family sound?
  • How does earning more money than in your day job sound? Some work only for money and for what money can buy.
  • Some don’t care about money at all. They care about having lots of free time, or working while traveling the world, or doing work they love to do.

Take a few minutes to become clear and make a firm decision about the ‘inner purpose’ of your business.

Does any of these ‘reasons why’ apply to you?

  • I want to be my own boss, feeling empowered instead of being a cog.
  • I want to create things, turn ideas into reality.
  • I want to choose my own working hours.
  • I want to work less and spend more time with my family.
  • I want to work more, and become insanely rich.
  • I want to explore the world and to take my business with me.
  • I want to work from the comfort of my own home.
  • I want enough cash to fulfill my dreams.
  • I want enough cash to make my loved ones happy.
  • I want enough cash to make a difference in the world.
  • => Your idea here…

First, find out why you’re really doing your business.

Don’t just say ‘yes’ to all the nice ideas listed above. Instead be very specific.

  1. What is the overall goal of your business?
  2. What is it meant to enable in your life?
  3. How you know you achieved it?
  4. What will change in your live?

Next, evaluate how your current business model fits your business’s inner purpose, and how to re-think your business.

If you don’t want to lose years, you need to become absolutely clear about how to setup your business to meet its inner purpose.

Example: For me the inner purpose of moving my business from offline to online was that I wanted to travel the world. More precisely: I wanted to escape the icy German winter. I feel much better in sunny climate. :-)

When I made ‘traveling’ to be the inner purpose for my business, it had massive impact on how to setup my business.

I had to change everything.

Ten years back I had a real office with real local staff and the option to work for local clients.

But now I can completely forget about that, because I’m away most of the time.

So my goal ‘traveling’ came with a price in how I run my business:

  • Working with local stuff is much more efficient than outsourcing all over the world. But for me it isn’t an option. So I have to accept less efficient work with freelancers far away from me.
  • Working with my team in my office was more fun, compared to working alone all the time.
  • I can’t accept local clients who might have big budgets, but would require me to show up for meetings. Instead I had to set up other ways to find clients and run the customer projects 100% online.
  • Instead of taking phone calls myself, I had to hire a local telephone service to take calls for my business.

I had to figure out these things before I could start living the dream. But at first, when you conceive your dream, you don’t really think about it that way.

And if you don’t, you’re losing precious time.

There are many other implications, depending on your personal goals, on your business’s inner purpose.

That’s why you need to be clear about your primary goals.

You need to match your business model to your goals.

Reason #2 why you need to firmly decide the inner purpose for your business.

Have you ever been in a rut? I’m sure you know what I mean. It’s something that happens unnoticed at first. Many experience it in their relationship.

But it happens in business too.

In the beginning you start out with a clear goal in mind.

Then over the years the business takes a certain direction. You move along with that course, and your everyday decisions are not in line with your original goals anymore.

But you don’t notice – until you suddenly feel unhappy, without even knowing why.

Example: Let’s say your business is going through a phase of financial pressure.

To make some quick money you launch a new service. It works, and the new service helps you raise the money to keep the business healthy.

Two years later you’re still doing that service, it has become your main source of income … and suddenly, one day you wonder why you feel so unhappy and bored all the time.

That’s because this specific service wasn’t in line with your initial goals.

It became a part of your business quite naturally by the flow of events over time. You didn’t really notice it wasn’t in line with your original purpose.

But there you are, doing something you really didn’t plan to do – with dire consequences.

  1. You can easily lose one or two years when something like that happens.
  1. Plus, once you notice you’re on a detour, you might need several months to rebuild the business to go where you want to go.

Knowing the primary purpose very consciously makes it easier to notice when you’re on a detour.

The inner purpose of your business is your driving force, it shapes your business model, and it’s the guideline to frequently check if you’re going into the right direction.

Today, you have a choice. Yes! You have always been given a set of choices, but thanks to the internet, the possibilities are undeniably limitless!

An internet business can be the start of your every dream’s reality.

Your starting point?

Answer these questions…

  1. What is your business meant to enable in your life?
  2. How will this shape your business model?
  3. How can you keep track (over the months and years) you’re still moving in the right direction?

=> Answer these questions for yourself NOW, not later.

It takes only 2 or 3 minutes. After all, you know the answers already. You just need to make them 100% conscious and very specific.

I told you a little about my business, driven by the inner purpose of me traveling the world.

Where are you going? What’s your motivation? What’s the inner purpose of your business?

If you like, tell me about it, the comment section is wide open for you…

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