Online Reputation Management – Because Image Matters

Online Reputation Management – Because Image Matters

Online Reputation Management – Because Image Matters

Word of mouth has always counted for a great deal in the world of business and this is no different when it comes to the web.

Online businesses exist by the million and when it comes to getting ahead, there’s really nothing more powerful and important than the words and views of real-life customers.

The problem most of the smaller businesses of the web face is that they are treading something of a knife’s edge all the time when it comes to reputation. As is the way of the world, it takes no more than about 15-minutes for a scolding complaint to go viral and spread the word on the business in the worst possible way.

Things unfortunately don’t work the same way when it comes to compliments as consumers are far less likely to gossip about the positives in life – it’s just the way the world work!

So, what this means therefore is that in order to get by, online reputation management is essential. This is the name for the process whereby a business doesn’t just sit idly by and see what happens – it takes the bull by the horns and ensures its good reputation shines through.

This should form an integral part of the business plan for any online business looking to get ahead, which means the involvement of a professional service provider able to cover all bases confidently.


Online Reputation Management – Because Image Matters- ReviewReviews can make or break a business – it’s a simple as that. A single glowing review counts for more than all the showing-off a business owner can ever do. At the same time however, a single negative review can have more power than a hundred outstandingly positive reviews.

In all cases though, reviews are 100% essential and must never be left out.

The key to online reputation management is therefore to encourage and source real reviews from customers as more often than not it can take a little persuasion for them to act.

For those just getting started, there are also services that can create fair, balanced and honest rumors based on the business and the service it offers, just to get things off the ground.

And as far as negative reviews are concerned, it’s all about the way they’re handled. A bad review can be pure gold for a business if there is clear evidence that the problem has been acted upon, resolved and the person affected compensated and won over.

It’s not about getting things right 100% of the time, but proving that when you do get it wrong, you take it seriously and respond.

Social Networks

Online Reputation Management – Because Image Matters - Social NetworksOf course, the power of the social network is simply immeasurable these days and can do wonders for the reputation of any business.

If your brand or your message is being discussed in a positive light on Facebook for example, the resulting exposure can be enormous. The same also goes for Twitter, YouTube and so many others.

The list goes on, but in all instances the secret to positive online reputation management is proactivity. Rather than just waiting to see what the outcome is or tackling problems when they present themselves, those at the top always take their futures into their own hands.

About The Author

Rocky John Tayaban works as the managing director of iSolutions Media, a search engine marketing company based in the Philippines. For more than 8 years, Rocky has helped hundreds of small and medium enterprises across the globe with their online reputation management through the implementation of effective social media strategies coupled with search engine marketing.

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