Google plus will be integrated big time into Google news

Google plus will be integrated big time into Google news

By Ralf Skirr.

Google plus will be integrated big time into Google news. I have previously seen the authorship info on Google news articles, with link to the news' author's g+ profile.
Screenshot of g+ authorship info on Google News page here:

Today they announced several changes to Google news, making g+ more prominent on the news page. See the red dot top right of the screen shot below? That's g+ on the news page.

I watch g+ closely, engagement still is a joke compared to Facebook. Even 'social media celebrities' like +Guy Kawasaki and +Mari Smith get much more engagement on Facebook, than on g+.

Just an example: I compared engagement for a post that +Guy Kawasaki posted to g+ and Facebook.

On Facebook Guy got 1 Like per 1,602 subscribers.
On g+ he got 1 +1 per 37,233 subscribers.

Facebook: 1 comment per 3,750 subscribers.
Google plus: 1 comment per 87,498 subscribers.

The difference is shocking!

You can see the results as infographic here, also for Mari Smith and +Robert Scoble.

Just 2 days ago +Chris Brogan said it loud and clear at #SMSS12 : Google plus pages aren't critical to have, engagement is very low.

But Google will be pushing g+ until hell freezes over.

Next week's changes at Google news are proof of that. Eventually people will be so tired that they sign up. As my Borg friends like to say: "Resistance Is Futile!"

If the engagement at g+ ever goes where we would like to see it? I'm not sure.

Here's the link to Google's announcement about the changes for Google news:

Google News Blog: Updates to Google News US Edition: Larger Images, Realtime Coverage and Discussions
Thursday, May 3, 2012 9:44 AM. Posted by Scott Zuccarino, Product Manager, Google News When a story breaks, Google News is designed to give you the most relevant articles from a variety of sources —…


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